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RP Community Locations

moggiecanadamoggiecanada Member Posts: 60 Arc User
Hi. I was away from the game for a bit but recently returned. I noticed some of the RP Community focal points....Hathon on Bajor, Drozana Station and Risa...have disappeared. DS9 is still active but only in instance 1. I wonder if there is still an RP presence in game or has it migrated off (possibily because of Dental or just a decline in RPers in game)



  • firepufffirepuff Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    I've been interested in finding RP as a new RPer, but the only time I've run across RP has been DS9 #1 (but didn't have the ability to jump in at the time).
  • sixela78#6094 sixela78 Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    If you know some other Rpers over there you could always ask for a lift. It’s basically how I do each time I don’t beam in the first instance directly.
  • rhazedurilerhazedurile Member Posts: 53 Arc User
    There are still some of us RPer dinosaurs around. I've been away from the RP scene here for a time, but I wouldn't mind another go around.
  • moggiecanadamoggiecanada Member Posts: 60 Arc User
    Hi all. After nearly wearing down my mouse buttons trying to get into DS9 #1 for RP, I've decided to hang up the roleplaying for a while. It's not worth the effort, and there is the VIL content I want to try out.

    Thank you to those who sent me privs on options. I will explore them maybe later in the summer.
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