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Har'q reminded me of Silent Death" Next Millenium's "Night Broods"

wylonuswylonus Member Posts: 471 Arc User
those bugs are the nastiest species of all, reason why i dont see any ships larger than "warhounds", aka battleships, anything bigger is too "loud" and the broods come destroying both warring factions. once they capture a planet, it become new hive. Sunrunners and other houses created "universal night watch" fleet designed to hunt and kill the bugs.

it is interesting to see a new bug war, nothing like starship troopers, this story line seem better, and next chapter, "Victory is Life", look exciting for new inter-faction ships.
what about consoles? will they get to more customized ships or restricted to specific ships?

really looking forward to make new dominion captian, most folks been waiting for it long time. i am sure it would bring older players come back, tired of waiting.


  • locutusofcactuslocutusofcactus Member Posts: 650 Arc User
    I've posed this picture before but here's what the Hur'q and Tzenkethi remind me of:

  • wylonuswylonus Member Posts: 471 Arc User
    lol, thanks
  • sistericsisteric Member Posts: 768 Arc User
    I wish that game was still being made. Loved it.
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