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Captain's Table Character Directory

supergaminggeeksupergaminggeek Member Posts: 615 Arc User
It's me again, the writer to the old introduction in this forum. This time, I'd like to introduce a character directory that you guys can use if you want to keep a definitive character. They're subject to change over time, naturally, but if you need to refresh someone's or your own memory, feel free to drop by here. Photos appreciated.


Alias: Different names like nicknames or secret identities.
Gender: Male, Female, one of those four Andorian genders, or even one of Species 8472's five genders.
Species: Not everyone is a human. List your species here, be it Klingon, Romulan, cybernetic Alaskan Malamute
Age: The number of years your character has lived. If they are from a particularly long lived race like the Vulcans, it may also be appropriate to list a human equivalent in brackets.
Alignment: Like D20 games like D&D, you can choose to generalise your character's beliefs and morals, or lack thereof, as an alignment. Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil.
Class/Profession: Characters may have a wide variety of skills. For Star Trek purposes, you can name them Engineer/Science/Tactical.
Description: A physical description of your character. It's good to be detailed and specific. Most people find it easier to roleplay if they can get a better picture of the characters involved, and it's easier if you've given them more than 'brown-haired Caucasian male wearing M.A.C.O. Battle Dress Armour'. Clothing can possibly go here, if your character's wardrobe is of the limited variety. Image links greatly appreciated.
Personality: Everyone is different, and it's rare that two people will approach a problem in the exact same way. Unless they're like, super-clones or something. Like alignment, this should not be treated as a shackle. Sometimes people can act against type, especially in stressful situations. This field is also more optional than the others.
Equipment: Your character's loadout. Armour, weapon, hyposprays, tricorder, and other devices that your character routinely carries with them.
Abilities: Your character's skills and abilities. What can they do? What weaknesses do they have? It all goes here.
Backstory: Simple. How did your character come to be? "To Come Later" is an acceptable substitute for a long and extensive backstory. Even Especially if you conveniently 'forget' to develop it. :smiley:
Miscellaneous: Anything else that you want put down.

Blank Template:

Shamelessly carbon copied from GiantITP
Remember kids, the difference between TRIBBLE around and science is writing it down.


  • ad1ib#2515 ad1ib Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    is this a good character?

    Alias: coreminer
    Gender: (none)
    Species: Von Neumann machine
    Age: 1583
    Alignment: lawful neutral
    Class/Profession: miner
    Description: floating drill bit
    Personality: likes flying and mining
    Equipment: heatproof tile
    Abilities: laser, flight, telekinesis, laser jet, hologram
    Backstory: to come later
    miscellaneous: eats metal
    Hiya, I'm ad1ib, the RPer
  • the0infamousthe0infamous Member Posts: 527 Arc User
    D'ren Connor McDonnell
    Alias: The Infamous
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Age: 31
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Class/Profession: Tactical Warlord
    Description: But with a leather trench coat...
    Personality: Unpredictable, vicious, witty and over-the-top comical, devious, intelligent,
    Equipment: Rifle is a First Contact phaser compression rifle; sidearm is a Klingon disruptor pistol and/or Romulan disruptor pistol; dk'tagh Klingon dagger
    Abilities: He knows a lot of martial arts.
    Backstory: Long and complicated and better served if delivered with role-play. (or read first 25 pages of ESD RP thread...)
    Miscellaneous: Leads an armada that is slowly and covertly taking over the galaxy.
    Ships: B'rel class Malevora, Vor'cha class Vanessa, BortasQu class r'Llaillieu Returns, the Somraw raptor Abigail, and the K'Tinga D-7 battle cruiser Ruth.

  • graffsandara#2895 graffsandara Member Posts: 95 Arc User
    Alias: Graff Sandara(wow, original)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Bajoran
    Age: 27
    Alignment: United Federation of Planets
    Class/Profession: 2nd Shift Tactical Officer onboard USS Valiant
    Description: Baby Face, Neat Hair, Pale Skin, Average Build
    Personality: Outgoing, Cheerful, Motivated
    Equipment: Phaser Pistol, Commbadge
    Abilities: He presses "fire phasers" really, really well
    Backstory: Born during the Dominion war and the 2nd occupation of DS9. Joined Starfleet at 17 and graduated at 21. Current Rank is Lieutenant Junior Grade
    "Ex Astres Per Aspera"
    "To the Stars, despite adversity"
  • professorremnantprofessorremnant Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Name: Zex Sabira
    Alias: Zexsaber (Starfleet fumbling of his name that stuck)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Ferengi
    Age: 33
    Alignment: United Federation of Planets, Ferengi Alliance (contractual)
    Class/Profession: Tactical Officer trained, merchant entrepreneur
    Description: A squat stout Ferengi with a devilish smile and a bit of a paunch.
    Personality: Quick witted, sarcastic and smarmy. He approaches all social encounters like meeting an old buddy.
    Equipment: Phaser he calls the Motherwrecker.
    Abilities: Dumb luck and business savvy
    Backstory: After several failed business ventures, Zex caught a documentary about the exploits of Captain James T. Kirk, and saw an opportunity and an epiphany of what constitutes "profit", and gambled it all and lost a lot enrolling in Starfleet...costing him business holdings, his wife, and a hit to his reputation within Ferengi society.
    Miscellaneous: Most of his ships are named after famous businessmen or con artists.
  • jamieblanchardjamieblanchard Member Posts: 401 Arc User
    Alias: Olga "Eagle" Steel-Rose
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 26
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class/Profession: Tactical Officer, Helm
    Description: Tall, athelitclally built, with pale blue eyes, and dark blonde honey coloured hair. Fair skinned.
    Personality: Steadfast, kind hearted, always set on doing the right, moral thing.
    Equipment: Phaser pistol.
    Abilities: Heck of a pilot! Has a modicum of first aid training.
    Backstory: Originally born in the mid 20th century, she joined the United States Air Force on graduating high school. After earning her commission, she was sought by G.I. Joe commanding officer Colonel Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy in 1982. Olga proudly served for 3 years, until she encountered a temporal anomaly in 1985, throwing her centuries into the future.
    Miscellaneous: Being from the late 20th century, Olga is prone to discuss it, much to the chagrin of close associates. Also tends to annoy agents of Starfleet's Department of Temporal Affairs, but loved by historians because of this. She is still getting herself properly acquainted with 25th century tech.
    Resident TOS, G.I. Joe and Transformers fangirl.

    And knowing is half the battle!

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    Rock now, rock the night
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