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You have 50 years to kill 20 Terran Ships! (Current Endeavour)


  • flumfflumf Member Posts: 68 Arc User
    Well, at least cryptic is optimistic about the games life span.
  • tremere12tremere12 Member Posts: 477 Arc User
    50 years is probably not enough for STO's casual playerbase TM.
  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 9,904 Arc User
    Mirror AFKer? You get nothing! Good DAY sir!
  • evilmark444evilmark444 Member Posts: 6,845 Arc User
    I'll pace myself then, 1 kill every two years, I'll get done with ten years to spare.
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  • avoozuulavoozuul Member Posts: 3,041 Arc User
    I feel like at some point we have been repeating the same endeavors since the launch of the endeavor system.
  • ikonn#1068 ikonn Member Posts: 1,427 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    It’s official...

    “To break this information down succinctly, the Klingon empire has roughly 50 years of life left to it.”
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  • ussvaliant#6064 ussvaliant Member Posts: 1,006 Arc User
    oh well at least they changed the unclaimable Endeavour on the day to this new one. So credit for that.

    Hello rubber banding my old friend, time to bounce around the battlezone again, where are all my bug reports going?, out of love with this game I am falling, As Cryptic fail to acknowledge a problem exists, Shakes an angry fist, And from Support all I'm hearing are the sounds of silence.
  • tarran61tarran61 Member Posts: 826 Arc User
    Im sorry, I completed it before reading this.
    Positive thoughts.
  • shinku#4469 shinku Member Posts: 164 Arc User
    Won't the Terran crew die of old age by the time it runs out?
  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 6,054 Arc User
    I figured it was a difficult endeavor hence all the extra time....was shocked to finish this in one run of MI.
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