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T6 Luna Class

rodman556#6914 rodman556 Member Posts: 3 Arc User

Would like to see a T6 Luna Class arrive in the game. Think it would be cool to have a T6 Titan. The ship stats state it’s a exploration vessel & technology test bed because of the mission pod above & behind the saucer section. In a T6 version they could have a science,engineering & tactical variant of the Luna Class that could use the mission pod depending on ship load out.
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  • alexhurlbutalexhurlbut Member Posts: 292 Arc User
    Well, I have to say Luna is a fine looking ship so I would like to see a T6 if not a T5 Fleet version of it.
  • bawdytieflingbawdytiefling Member Posts: 58 Arc User
    Yes please! Luna is one of my favorite ships!
  • mustrumridcully0mustrumridcully0 Member Posts: 12,963 Arc User
    I'd find the Nova much more important and interesting. And honestly, even the Deep Space Science Vessel, at least that is a really unique Federation design.

    Though a good-looking Luna variant would be neat. They really need to do something creative with the deflector to save it for me.
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  • chozoelder2ndchozoelder2nd Member Posts: 440 Arc User
    I don't ever buy ships day of release and the only other time I've done so was with the T6 Sovereign, but I would buy a T6 Luna day one (sale or no sale) if a model revamp was released alongside with it. Besides the Shenzhou and the Kelvin, this is really the only ship I'm eagerly waiting for.
  • rodman556#6914 rodman556 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    The Luna Class has design elements from the Akira Class Escort & the Sovereign Class Cruiser. It’s also larger than the Long Range Science Vessel but smaller than a Galaxy Class so I’d say it’s more along the lines of a Frigate or Destroyer making it a nice middle ground between a Escort or a Cruiser.
  • avoozuulavoozuul Member Posts: 3,124 Arc User
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    I wouldn't mind a T6 Luna, but I think it should be the Oberth's turn next though.
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