my newb fleet looking to join a KDF armada

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Its just my own fleet so not alot of members looking for anyone that wants to make an armada for bonuses, fleet is House of dasak, im [email protected]
thank you


  • flesson616
    flesson616 Member Posts: 102 Arc User
    any KDF fleets have room for another would be greatly appreciated
  • flesson616
    flesson616 Member Posts: 102 Arc User
    Still looking for someone to invite my kdf fleet to an armada, House of Dasak, can contact me [email protected] Also if your fleet doesnt have one we could start one, thank you
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    Omg... First of all let me break it down for you..

    Nobody is going to want your fleet in their armada.


    Because you just admitted that it is just a personal fleet for yourself and you don't have a lot of members and you don't plan on growing it.

    Armada need fleets with a lot of members. They want fleets that plan on growing and levelling fast.


    Because the Armada gets it's bonuses based on their fleets member size and fleet level.

    So I can't imagine any armada wasting a slot for you and even if one does, as soon as they find an actual serious fleet that has a few hundred members that is playing every day and which is completing their projects they will dump you so fast... to be honest, the good armadas won't really bother with you at all.

    My advice: Remove this thread as fast as possible. Never admit that you don't plan on growing and that you want to remain small. Armada leaders don't want people like you just like you don't want fleet members that only play 5 times a year. Just say you are a new fleet. Keep it simple... but in truth most armada don want new fleets anyway. You are too new and way too small to be of any benefit to an armada. The armada needs large fleets so that the armada bonuses get bigger. Since you will not be helping the armada in that regard there is no reason for them to invite have you.

    You should then in your request be asking for a new armada to invite your new fleet and then maybe you will find a home. At best you will get between a 3-5% dil discount if the armada's main fleet id completed T5 and has a couple other fleets in it.

    Good luck.
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    flesson616 ......... join my KDF Armada for glorious Battle please in game mail me at [email protected]#3394 to join let me know what time zone your in thanks
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  • aodhan#2460
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    Are you on xbox or something else? If you've not already formed Armada we'd like to help