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[PODCAST] Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 269: Countdown to Star Trek

midniteshadow7midniteshadow7 Member Posts: 786 Arc User
edited September 2017 in Starfleet Media Corps
Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 269: Countdown to Star Trek

With the countdown to Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek Online Season 14 and Star Trek Timelines version 3 coming to an end we talk about all the things we know about the upcoming releases:
Tribbles is back once again to review everything Star Trek.

We begin with discussing Star Trek: Discovery (0:08:17) and our pre-launch thoughts.

Next up we go through all the recent updates to Star Trek Timelines (0:45:44) including the most recent version 3 that includes the addition of Voyages.

Then we are onto a round up of the news from Star Trek Online (1:39:39) where we discuss the up and coming Season 14: Emergence that contains the voice talent of LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge.

We end the show with our Community Feedback (2:41:39).


  • alex1geralex1ger Member Posts: 141 Arc User
    Buckle up guys, this is gonna be a rough ride...

    Community questions: (You forgot to post them here, so I'll paste them in from the Holosuite Media website.)

    1.) "What do you think of the features announced for Star Trek Online Season 14: Emergence?"

    New fleet holding... fine, whatever.
    New fleet holding queues... fine, whatever.
    Tzenkethi red alert... fine, whatever.

    New primary specialization: Miracle Worker... Okay, I am not entirely on-board with the name but let's see what it can do.

    New featured episode with Kipleigh Brown and LeVar Burton. Okay. Let's see what's gonna irk me this time around.

    2.) "What’s your thoughts on the current STO featured episode Beyond the Nexus?"

    Uhm... I'll do that at the end of my feedback. As usual.

    3.) "Do you think that the Allied Flight Deck Cruiser Bundle is enterprise bait?"

    Not really. I mean was the D'kyr "Enterprise bait"? Was the T'Varo "Enterprise bait"? Was the NX class (T1 or T6) "Enterprise bait"?

    I could go into my whole "These ships are centuries old, just let them die in peace for crying out loud!" rant again but Cryptic is clearly not interested in consistency so why bother?
    What I will bring up is...
    a) on the klingon side the letheans still don't have a ship while the romulans get this "allied species" suliban ship even though there are no playable suliban anywhere to be seen.
    b) why exactly does a tellarite flight-deck-cruiser (FDC) have a 5/3 weapon arrangement? I think these ships should have been really tanky 4/4 FDCs and the 5/3 weapon arrangement "should" have been exclusive to andorian battlecruisers on the fed side. But I guess that would have made too much sense or something.
    (Disclaimer: I am well aware that there are no andorian battlecruisers. That's part of my point.)

    4.) "What are your thoughts on version 3 of Star Trek Timelines?"


    5.) "What do you think of the Star Trek Discovery (once you’ve seen it!)?"

    Like I mentioned before, when (if?) I watch it it'll be when the whole season is out. I'm not interested in subscribing (and staying subscribed) for that long without knowing if I'll even like it. I'm doing the same thing with Star Wars: The Old Republic and their story packs. Which reminds me that I have not subbed in quite a while...
    And yes, I'm in europe. I "only" have to subscribe to Netflix which seems to be a FAR better deal than what the US and Canadian citizens get.


    Okay, first... It's good you're back. Are you back? I kinda missed you. But don't tell anyone. I might appear to be a human being... :p
    And because Chozo gave you an update... I have not heard anything. At all. I'm not sure if Kael is so overworked or if I ended up in both of his spam filters. Maybe you'd like to get in touch with him in case my e-mails really ended up as spam?

    You mentioned that TimberWolf made a video about some accidental "leak" on tribble.
    When I heard you talk about this incident I thought: "Yeah, they will not include that link even though they just said they would". And lo and behold, no link. I then went to Timber's YouTube channel and as expected I couldn't find the video.
    Because unlike other (much bigger and much more successful if I might add) publishers, PW doesn't seem to understand the value of this kind of community-driven marketing/hype.

    About the Discovery aesthetics, well, I guess we have to agree to disagree. I just wanted them to be more consistent. You can go "full retro" or you can go "total redesign" or you try to find some middle ground (new design that takes unmistakable cues from the old one). But the props look very retro while for example the klingons are vastly different and I am just unable to see the point they are trying to make.
    And when I talked about the outdated flip phone communicators... well, I didn't know flip phones were about to make a comeback but to get back to my point... the communicators don't have a display. When's the last time you saw a "non-smart" phone? When's the last time you saw a "non-smart" phone without a display (that allowed you to play "snake"...)?
    IF Discovery wanted to be "cutting edge" because "retro doesn't sell" (like MidNite likes to claim), shouldn't the communicators double up as padds and possibly even tricorders? I'm just asking for a little consistency like so many times before...

    I did not say that someone should have identified Rodek as Kurn or why nobody recognizes Kurn, son of Mogh, ally of Martok. I asked why nobody recognized the supposedly legendary hero Rodek, son of Noggra, ally of Martok.
    I did not even bring up the fact that facial recognition software might be a thing in that prison. If I really wanted to destroy that episode I could but it's just not worth the effort. I was just scratching at the surface. *shrug*

    Victory is life 2018:
    Don't forget that there was this little "announcement" in the trailer for... was it season 14? It was around STLV that we got a new trailer for upcoming content and at the end we saw a Dominion fleet show up (and they seemed to use the new T6 ships...) and the tagline was "Victory is life" and it showed 2018. So... they didn't "announce" the next expansion but for all intents and purposes they announced the next expansion. I guess it's a huge leap forward for their marketing team. I'm still cautious about these sudden yet very welcome changes but I have to give them credit for that.
    As long as I get my playable cardassian out of that expansion, I might be willing to overlook some of the issues it'll bring with it. The keyword being "might".

    Beyond the Nexus:
    Okay, people complain that Geordi welcomed us as if we had met before. I don't agree with that assessment. I do think that he could have had the courtesy to properly introduce himself but that's a different topic.
    I'm not even gonna complain that the story is pretty much a retread of that (removed) Franklin Drake episode in the old cardassian story arc. I mean back then Drake claimed that an undine had infiltrated a federation ship and back then ONLY the telepathic species were affected and taken over while this time around they are immune or resistant or something while everyone else is affected and taken over.
    I did not recognize Lani Minella but if I had to place a bet, my money would be on the caitian captain. Through the distortions and the other digital processing it's a little hard to tell. I did recognize Commander T'fai. She showed up in a few of the more recent episodes. I'm afraid that Cryptic might turn her into the next "Hello T'nae"... -.-
    And sun, I'm not sure if that was Adrianne Grady. When I replayed the episode I thought that the ocampa bartender sounded more like her. But then again neither of these people is as over- and MISused as Lani Minella.
    Uhm... the villain existed. Do we get to learn more about him at some point in time? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    But let's talk about something else. Reginald Barclay. Sun questioned why his holoprogram was used in this episode. Do you really think he voluntarily shared this kind of program with Starfleet? I kinda doubt it. So why is it used?
    Well, isn't it obvious? Because it's funny! It's so funny to point at this socially awkward guy who is (or at least was...) so obviously lonely and laugh at him and his weirdness. He's a walking punchline. A joke. Like Geordi says in the episode: "That's definitely a Barclay program." *cue the sitcom laughing track*
    Let's forget that he got character development and at least tried to become a better person. Let's forget his involvement in the Pathfinder program. Let's forget the context that Barclay was a bit of a joke in TNG because every show is always a product of its time and some things that were once acceptable may be frowned upon today. Let's forever remember him for being a creepy weirdo instead. Because that's the message of Star Trek. Or something...
    I was with Cryptic when klingon gate happened. I didn't mind the overly on-the-nose message on New Kentar (even though it was about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face and could have been done better) but this kind of ridicule is just unnecessary.

    Come at me, story team!

  • sunseahlsunseahl Member Posts: 827 Arc User
    I'm stealing your poundsign thingy!
    Member of the "Disenchanted"
    We don't want what the Feds have. We want the equivalent. We want fairer treatment. Concern, desire, greed to some extent, and passionate belief that the enough people would buy KDF items to make it worth Cryptic's while.
  • chozoelder2ndchozoelder2nd Member Posts: 440 Arc User
    1.) I'm not looking forward another 5 massive holdings to grind out. As always, I'll definitely help my fleet here and there when I can, but this kind of content just isn't fun to me anymore. I honestly wish the dev time was spent on something else.

    I can't say I'm excited about the Miracle Worker specialization, but cheers to those that have been wanting something for heals.

    The red alert is just there I guess. It doesn't sound particularly exciting to be honest.

    I greet the next featured episode with open arms since they're my favorite part of this game, next to the ships.

    2.) I had a big stupid smile on my face the whole time I played it. I can't help it. It just happens when I hear Trek actors voicing their old roles again, even more so when it's TNG actors. And the episode itself? How could I not love it? I couldn't stop gushing over the interior. The mission could've been about fixing some plumbing or whatever, and I still would've loved it... Okay not really. I'm just glad I finally have my TNG interior. I'm biased and I don't care.
    I'm genuinely curious about Admiral Quinn's comment on the alien being imprisoned in the Nexus when it's considered to be paradise. Hoping this isn't brushed off casually.

    Also, we have the TNG phaser rifle! I'm really hoping we get a TNG hand phaser at some point, and one that DOESN'T have those annoying glowy holographic bits attached to it. Also hoping the First Contact Rifle makes it in at some point too.

    3.) All three ships were in the show, so it's appropriate calling it Enterprise bait. I was surprised to see these released before a T6 D'kyr to be frank. I still want a T6 Kumari though and I wouldn't mind if there was only 1 variant for it.

    5.) I haven't exactly had the time to properly watch it yet. I'm planning to get to it eventually.


    On Timelines

    Sun: "You can make that exact argument about STO. It's a bunch of clicking through menus and UI."
    If we're talking about admiralty or doffing, then yeah, it's just clicking. The same can't really be said for the combat. I would say STO is a whole lot more interactive with things such as the absurd amount of build options, manually flying the ship, positioning your cannons/weapons arc, ect.
    A closer comparison would be turn-based RPGs, but I still find many of those enjoyable for their stories. Sometimes a soundtrack alone is enough to sell me on a game. But even in terms of gameplay, there's still a great sense of satisfaction when a boss beats you down to a sliver of health, which fills the last of your limit, and you unleash that Climhazzard or Finishing Touch limit break to kill the boss... Soooo good. Super bosses like Ruby and Emerald Weapon are also tons of fun to take down.
    FF7 if anyone's confused.
    Not trying to harp on anyone who plays mobile games though. Everyone has different perspectives on what fun is. Sorry if I came across like that.

    Lukari N’kaam Scout Ship

    This is actually pretty neat. I definitely don't mind seeing scrapped designs make it in via other alternatives.
    Bring back Beta, Cryptic. Do it.
  • sistericsisteric Member Posts: 768 Arc User
    Hello everyone, as I can't make it to the show, here are my thoughts so Hold onto your Buts!

    Season 14: Really? This is a Season? It seems what qualifies as a Season is getting set lower and lower. But as for the "features". The new fleet holding is pretty. But like all of the fleet holdings, too costly to advance for the average fleet to advance in a reasonable time. Large or highly active fleets get all the advantages here. And there is not enough done to help small or low activity fleets to advance with these things. And with important gear locked behind these advancements it make sure that only large fleet will continue to get members and small fleets will continue struggle.

    The new fleet queues are great. I have gotten to run them and both ground and space are enjoyable to play. I am not happy with the reward structure, especially the Lukari marks. The holding is something that will be worked on for months to come, if not years. Lukari Marks will not be relevant this whole time. This should be opened up to getting all marks, past, present and future. Then at least running these will generate relevant marks as well as gaining the necessary resources for building. t's a simple enough change that will make this a viable option for years to come.

    The Tzenkethi Red Alert was interesting. But I had a network issue during it and lost all connectivity. SO I will have reserve judgment as yet.

    Miracle Worker...I am very excited about this. I can now have my own Scotty or Tripp to fix things with bailing wire and spit! I have already planned on how to integrate this with my stable of characters.

    Melting Pot mission, nice. The reveal was a letdown. I had expected something more than what it was. Not going to say anything more than that for now.

    Beyond the Nexus mission was nice also. Was thrilling to here Geordi LaForge once again. But the Alien Bad Guy was not that interesting, underdeveloped and ultimately will be not be missed if he never shows up again. I do think that they got the mix of ground and space combat just about right.

    The Flight Deck Cruiser Packs. I love these ships. I bought the pack. I have one of my Feds Engineers and My Rom-KDF Engineer flying these things. I enjoy the maneuverability of them and the weapon placement. I see myself using these ships for these guys for a long time. This has been the first time I bought a Ship pack. And I traded a lot of Dilithium to get them. As for it being Enterprise bait, never crossed my mind. I was not looking at the ships as for where they came from but strictly on if they are ships I find fun to fly or in line with way I want to play my character.

    Version 3 of Timelines....Okay. The way they have layed things out this go around is better. The improvements are there. But the consistant thing that holds me back is the fact I have no method to expand the crew slots outside of spending money. Once they work this out, like maybe putting dilithium in the things you can be reward with on the missions, is when I will finally be fully on board with this game. Until then, it's just a game I play when I am not busy doing something else.

    Star Trek: Discovery...It's a show.
    Production values and special effects are very good. Lots of money put into to it to keep it from looking Cheesy. Great Job....just wished that the form language matched up with TOS. But the Uniforms and bridge design do not match up. I can't see how they get from where they are now to something that resembles TOS. And they have to do that if they want me to believe they are in the same timeline. But right now, they can't be because there is now connection between them on that level. When TNG came out, the first Motion picture had already come out, so Worf's look had already been established. And the fact that it was around a century after TOS meant that basic form language could advance that far and be relatable still. Before even the TNG came out, the Star Trek RPG by FASA had already released a Klingon module giving an explination why TOS and TNG looked different. And to me, it was a better, more plausible explination that what STar Trek finally gave us. FASA thing was that the TOS Klingons were Klingon-Human Fusions, or hybrids. Artificially created initially, but design to give the Klingons a way to understand and counter Humans that they really couldn't comprehend. The Fusions were assigned Ships of the older style while the true, or Imperial Klingons, kept all of the best tech for themselves. The Fusions were considered to be lesser Klingons, second class citizens, and never was allowed to be in charge of any Imperial Klingons. FASA also had Klingon-Romulan Fusions used for Interaction the Romulan Star Empire so that they had an understanding their neighbors there, and was instrumental in acquiring the Cloaking tech from the Romulans. This narrative covered all the bases and explained why they never say the Imperials really before. But these new Klingons are just too much of a pill to swallow without explanation. Just another thing that throws me out of the Prime Timeline.
    The acting was phenomenal. Each person played their character in believable ways.
    The writing, in and of itself, was solid. Well done.
    But that story oh boy! For those who have not watched the first two episodes, this is going to get a bit spoilery....Burnham actions are THE downfall of this show. Not the character, but the sequence of events the writers chose to go to get this party started. She is made a criminal. He do not enough of this character to be invested emotionally with her position and choices of actions. And because of this, she is arrogant, undisciplined, snobbish and unlikable for it. I don't care about this character continued existence enough to want to follow her further. And as the hero, she is portrayed and written to be the Villian of the story, she is not the Hero. She has no honor and she gets no empathy from me. And they are hanging the whole story around her. And before you point that this is not the first time they have done this, I will point out that it's the first time they have made THE CENTRAL CHARACTER as the criminal. Paris was not the central character, Janeway was. Even so, I thought of Paris as an arrogant TRIBBLE when they introduced him. And it took SEVERAL SEASONS of development before I could see that he was changed enough to be likable to me. Ensign Ro was an added character to an established cast, so was introduced to shake things up a bit. But she never became an important enough character to be considered a main character. And she eventually defected from the Federation while on a mission to infiltrate the Maquis. These two examples are not central characters that I was supposed to like and want to continue to see. And I never did like them. They were whiney little brats with high opinions of themselves with an arrogant air about them. People I would never normally like. Burnham was likable at first, she's the hero, I bought into her being a bit aloof and logical. But her just outright mutinying against her captain, rather than trusting her, was either a serious break in her character to date, poorly written, or she was never trusting of anyone. And the last part I can't believe that Captain Giorgio didn't see. She was offering to get Burnham her own command. That's why I thing it took her actions as break from her normal character actions, and the whole series just became unbelievable and hard to swallow. It would have been better if she had her argument with the captain, submitted to the captains choice of action, and when it all went to hell in a handbasket be able to smugly say, "I told you so". Way more believable. And sets her up as a character that can think out of the box but still follow orders. Extremely relatable and likable and justified her arrogance. It would also make the decision to go capture T'Kuvma later all the more important. The Captain beginning to see the Klingons as she does and carrying out the attempted kidnapping would be all that more powerful. Especially as we could then really understand why Burnham felt such strong emotions on Giorgio's death and her subsequent killing of T'Kuvma. And we would be so much more emotionally invested in her not being able to recover the captain's body. All of this could have been noted in the logs and that allows Captain Lorca the method to get her transferred to his ship. Where she then can be treated as an outsider. At this point, I am not willing to have that fight with wife over spending money on watching JUST Discovery on all access. I don't watch other shows on CBS at this time. I have no other incentive to turn this service on, so I will wait till all of the episodes for the season are out, and then get the wife to buy into one moth access to watch it all at once. The All-Access thing is just not enough value for me to buy into it yet. I have so many other resources that are free, or part of a something I am already paying for, that I can get my Star Trek, or for that matter TV, fix. I hope it does well, and I truly hope that they do explain why Klingons look like this and not like the TOS or TNG/Ent Versions. And that explanation has got to be good!
    As for Romulans being a bad thing in the writers room, they are going to shoot themselves in the foot if they maintain that attitude continuity wise. Romulans developed Cloaks. Romulans sold cloaks to Klingons in exchange for warships. This is cannon. Any alteration from this is diverging from the Prime Timeline. And that is fine, if they just finally just say that rather than continue to lie about it. There is nothing I have seen in this show in those two episodes that makes me feel or believe that this is the Prime Timeline.

    That's all I got for now. Or at least I think that's enough for now.
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