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Dumb Question

delliboydelliboy Member Posts: 288 Arc User
Is it true that if I set my aux power on my fleet Temporal Science power to 100 my exotic damage will increase?


  • ffttfftt Member Posts: 711 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    The higher the Aux Power the higher the exotic damage, so if you were running less than 100 before than 100 will increase your exotic damage. Aux Power is a primary factor in many science and some engineering abilities.
  • alcaatrazalcaatraz Member Posts: 112 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    The equation Exotic powers use in regards to Aux is (100+[PwrLvL])/200

    As such with higher power, you will see a higher number.

    - 100 is 100% modifier (1.0x or +0%. This is the number we usually assume as the default setting)
    - 120 is 110% modifier (1.1x)
    - 50 is a 75% modifier (0.75x)

    And so on.
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  • delliboydelliboy Member Posts: 288 Arc User
    Okay so how do I increase my aux power is it defense or balance I click on I can't figure it out
  • ikonn#1068 ikonn Member Posts: 1,425 Arc User
    You can manually adjust each of your power levels. Since you are running Sci, I would recommend setting your Aux level to max, then click on the Lock icon above it. Locking will keep your power level set and you can divide the rest among the other three settings to your preferred style of play.

    If you have end-game gear for your ship and as you learn more about Sci, you can fine-tune your build by tweaking the power settings again. You will find out that some pieces of gear will provide power level bonuses and can make changes accordingly as you acquire them.
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  • spiritbornspiritborn Member Posts: 3,613 Arc User
    it should be noted that as default you can't raise any power levels above 125(though so sets or abilities allow you go go above this cap), so you should take things like bonus power from gear into account.

    For example raising your aux power to 100 if you get +50 bonus power to aux (in total) wouldn't be beneficial, though raising it to 75 would be beneficial and with a right set you get pretty high bonus power to aux (my AoY sci toon has 68 or so aux even though the base aux is only 25 thanks to various set and constant passive effects and I can hit 125 with buffs).
  • delliboydelliboy Member Posts: 288 Arc User
    I figured it out and plan to tweek my Romulan science officer with it
  • postinggumpostinggum Member Posts: 1,117 Arc User
    Once you start flinging around space magic set bonuses and +exotic damage multipliers start adding up.
  • antonine3258antonine3258 Member Posts: 2,391 Arc User
    If you change power settings and hover over the skill while in space on the toolbar, you should see the damage adjust.
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