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Official Feedback Thread for Dranuur Beach Assault!

Please use this thread to post any feedback or issues found on the Dranuur Beach Assault!

Dranuur Beach Assault
  • Dranuur Beach Assault is our first 10 player cooperative ground defense queue.
  • Participating in it will earn players a choice of Fleet or Lukari marks.
  • The queue is available to all captains of level 50+.
  • For more information, please visit our blog!


  • doctorbeepboop#3280 doctorbeepboop Member Posts: 20 Cryptic Developer
    Thanks for playing with the devs everyone! We'll be checking this thread to keep up with bugs and feedback for this queue.
  • mjarbarmjarbar Member Posts: 2,080 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    I just played the new queue and have to say I liked it a lot, wasn't really sure what I was doing when I first joined the mission so I just run around shooting stuff so all was cool :smiley: I did notice however that I could target and shoot through what were I think supposed to be solid walls so maybe the colony building still needs a little tweak with regards to line of sight and collision detection. Mid level towards the front on the right as looking into the building.

    But on the whole liked it a lot and will be playing this on release.

    First feedback woohoo \o/
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  • velquavelqua Member Posts: 1,200 Arc User
    I played Beach Assault earlier today, and it was an interesting run. I like the idea of defending the colony. It was nice to finally get the battle Tzenkethi on the ground. That being said, here are my comments:

    The opening screen was a bit too long with the camera flying all over the colony before bring up the dialog. I feel like this could be removed from the match and have the players just start with the dialog and timer.

    The instructions were not really clear about what the objective was for the first part. I had a backpack, but from there, I really didn't know what to do. It could be that I didn't have enough time to read the dialog. I ended up just shooting everything in sight.

    Through out the different parts, I did notice a lot of graphics lag, which made it difficult to keep up with some of the players. I am on an Intel embedded graphics card with settings set to low. I feel like most of my graphics lag was mostly due to the map and the excessive amount of NPCs occupying it. It would be nice if map were made a little more friendlier to graphic cards such as mine.

    Speaking of excessive NPCs, for a Normal run, the amount of NPCs that we needed to battle was way too much. I could see this at Advanced or even Elite, but for Normal, most players are just getting to know the map, the rules, and strategy best used on against the Tzenkethi. Less NPCs on Normal, would be helpful. Perhaps, even less time needed to hold down parts of the map would also be desirable--again--especially at the Normal level.

    As for the flying ships, some were difficult to target and fire at, especially the ones that were coming and hovering over the water region of the beach. I saw quite a few Tzenkethi just hanging out doing nothing there as well.

    Overall, I do think that the match is good one. What would make it even more attractive is to receive some of the Fleet provisions as rewards from it rather than just Fleet or Lukari Marks.
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