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i had a few ideas for new content

anm48#7050 anm48 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
A armada holding for those fleet who are in one can come together and build stronger ties. if it a klingon/Federation armada maybe giving a few federation ship the ability to cloak and bridge officer exchanged
A c-store item that allowed you to play any race in any faction the alien is fun but it still limited character designs.
A special opening for those who played the liberated borg race where their character is freed
A c-store item that let you have a duel career path like Tactical/science, science/engineering, enigneering/science.
having all c-store items with in reason account bound it make more senses for the cost. (mostly like the bridge officers slots the items that changes how you play.) (items like Borg or other bridge officers still should be character bound until you deleted your character and you only can get them back if you make a same faction as the one you bought them in expected for the 23.c one)
A new free uniform look. or giving the c-store uniforms special abilities to make it worth buying them.
More hairstyles be nice, and having female Klingon being able to made in the TOS style like the males can.


  • dantechapman#3292 dantechapman Member Posts: 1 New User
    iv got 2 sto accounts that iv spent money on both and I think for new content is for the ability to transfer a character and there bought items like ships from one account to the other just so you don't have to keep going between accounts
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