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Next expansion question?

humatrop#1148 humatrop Member Posts: 41 Arc User
With the new expansion expected next year, what new species are probable? Also, what C Store premium species is likely (if any)? Thanks.


  • grendelthewise#0990 grendelthewise Member Posts: 635 Arc User
    I think Jem Hadar, Deferans, and the true way
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  • humatrop#1148 humatrop Member Posts: 41 Arc User
    Thanks monodoso. I was wondering how they usually do expansions. Do they have preorder bonuses for the packs? This will be my first expansion. I know it is a ways off but just interested in the process.
  • mattaukettmattaukett Member Posts: 190 Arc User
    If the add new species then I'd suggest that it's likely to be Cardassian/Dominion focused. However, I wouldn't say that's a certainty at this stage given how Cryptic tends to struggle supporting the 2 and a half factions we currently have and adding another faction either full or mini like the Romulans might be difficult given the relatively small non-Fed player base (demands for new ships etc). If they do add a new faction it'll probably be something where you start at level 50 and go from there joining one of the two main factions.

    Anyway here's a run down of the previous expansions:

    Legacy of Romulus - Introduced Romulan mini-Faction, unique levelling up level 40ish with you picking an ally at level 10 and essentially becoming part of that faction but continuing your unique story until you hit the common content missions (Cardassian Arc). It also lowered the KDF starting level from 20 to 1 (you used to have to level a Fed and then start a KDF which went straight in at level 20).

    Delta Rising - Level cap rise to 60 (from 50) and new quadrant. Gave us specialisations as well and raised gear levels to 14 as well as bring in upgrading. I doubt they'll go with another level cap rise given the that specialisations are essentially an infinitely scalable level cap system (we're up to something like level 150 now with all the currently available specs and with another on the way - a side issue being that I don't know how/if this system would cope with a higher level cap). Also the last cap rise came with the introduction of T6 ships, which caused some controversy such that I doubt they'd want to introduce T7 which would probably cause similar discontent.

    Agents of Yesterday - Introduced the TOS starting experience for Feds but only included a new level 1 to 10 experience which is difficult to really class as a new faction (and probably counts as the smallest of the three expansions).
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