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Eclipse Intel Cruiser: Lt commander Tactical + Commander Intel?

djf021djf021 Member Posts: 1,361 Arc User
Hello, after 5 years I still like to get others' thoughts about powers. I'm flying an Eclipse Intel Cruiser. I like to use 7 beams + 1 torp. I normally broadside, but like to occasionally turn to fire off that torpedo for that little extra punch after I've gotten a shield facing down. I know it's easy, but I really enjoy FAW III, not only for the damage boost, but because I enjoy getting right in the middle of the action and taking on everyone. But I'm having trouble deciding exactly how to best use the Lt Commander Tac seat and the Commander Intel seat given what I enjoy.
Here is my current build.
Here are the configurations I'm considering:

FAW III + Transport Warhead III
This is what I'm leaning toward. Both are level III abilities, meaning I get the maximum benefit from each respective power. This would also allow me to utilize that playstyle I enjoy of jumping right in the middle of the action and taking on everybody, and would be a solid torpedo upgrade I could use when I fire my torp. My concern is it may be a waste of my commander Intel slot if I don't fire torps that much.

Torpedo Spread III + Surgical Strikes III
This has it's benefits and I'm sure I would enjoy it. Both are level III, and TSIII is pretty potent. Also would allow a more frequent, regular (and strong) use of my commander Intel slot. Drawbacks I see are potential stagnation of my Lt commander Tac slot (as I won't fire torps constantly) and the single target only nature of SSIII.

TS II, AP: Beta II + Surgical Strikes III
This would deviate from my normal use of APB, but might just offer a happy medium. A lower level torp ability when I need it (while not firing torps all that much), a higher level of APB (which i would use constantly), and a very good, constant use of SSIII
The only drawback I see on this is the single target nature of SSIII.

What are your thoughts? How would you set up these stations?
Thanks for your time!

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  • jaguarskxjaguarskx Member Posts: 5,945 Arc User
    When I commanded the Eclipse I used Torpedo Spread III and Surgical Strike III.

    The gravimetric photon torpedo creates gravimetric rifts for 3 seconds 100% of the time when torpedo spread is used. Because I am not in a fleet I don't have access to vulnerability locators so I use SS III to improve my critical chance.
  • alcaatrazalcaatraz Member Posts: 112 Arc User
    I would use something like:

    - TT1 / APB1 or KLW2 / FAW3
    - TS1
    - OSS1 / Aux2Batt1 / OSS3 / RSP3
    - EPtE1 or EPtA1 / Aux2Batt1 / EPtW3
    - HE1 / ST2

    Reason being that the singular torp your using should be there to either help fill a weapon set or to help prix an additional thing on a cruiser of this type. You won't be focusing on the damage potential of said torp.

    APB1 ba KLW2 is a choice of large debuff vs medium debuff plus small amounts of damage. I prefer APB since the debuff is generally more useful on my engineering characters I tend to play (lack of FOMM and +All damages to buff KLW) but the choice is there.

    A2B is the logical choice of CD on this cruiser (unless you really want to tank then you want a readiness build); Lt.C + Cmdr Eng is more than enough to fit all you need.

    Dual OSS to increase power levels to sustain power levels; I've found that two copies even with A2B helps since the CD on OSS doesn't start untill after the power ends.

    EPtE1 vs EPtA1 is again users choice.

    Hopefully that makes sense.
    --- @alcaatraz || I make tanks and do crazy maths stuffs ---
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  • szerontzurszerontzur Member Posts: 2,621 Arc User
    I believe I set mine up as more of a sniping ship with APB, OSS, SS, and 4 DBBs back in the day. It was alpha striking for around 80-100k back when Delta Rising first came out from what I remember. Been thinking about revisiting the design(with KLW and/or Distributed Targeting) and seeing what I can get out of it these days, but I suspect that's probably not the playstyle you're after.

    @alcaatraz 's suggestion is probably the best here for more of a conventional close range BFAW skirmisher. You could potentially hybrid into exotic damage with the ship and it's console as well(it used to scale quite nicely with EPG from what I remember).
  • avoozuulavoozuul Member Posts: 3,023 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    I just started to use my Fleet Eclipse again on my main tactical toon and I am finding it even more enjoyable now than when I last used it many months ago. I mostly use the intelligence abilities on the commander slots except for the first where I am using Structural Integrity Collapse I.
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