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Kobali Mission bugged

From what ive been reading so far alot of people have been having the same problem i ran into while doing these missions. After you complete looming shadows the quest line mysteriously ends. I tried the fixes i found from googling and well they were way wrong and a waste of alot of time. I havent found any fixes listed anywhere. So while i was sitting here staring evilly at the act 2 listed under episodes wishing it would work right i noticed that mission between act 1 and 2 called capture the flag. Looks totally unrelated and not list anywhere as part of the mission arc. Well apparently it is!!!!!! Click skip and hopefully act 2 will become available for you as well. Hope this helps. STO you can mail me a fat check for doin your job for you.

Open missions log
Click the delta quadrant
Find and skip capture the flag or try playing it up to you
Act 2 should be available


  • aspartan1aspartan1 Member Posts: 1,053 Arc User
    They have been buggy since they first were released but sadly the powers that be wont change them and get rid of the know and hidden dependencies as well as individual timers. At the very least you should be able to be skip the missions but that of course stops you from get your story line accolade...

    I stopped playing STO for a long time because of the inability for my main character to progress despite dozens and dozens of attempts and numerous tickets and screen shots showing completion things only to get told by support there is nothing they can do try again..... Sad really...
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  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,462 Arc User
    I did all three Acts between Thursday night and Friday Morning. Except for a glitch with 'Data Recovery' in Act I everything went fine. I had completed 'Data Recovery' but the system did not register that. I dropped it reaquired it and completed it again. The system picked that up this time.
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  • mattaukettmattaukett Member Posts: 190 Arc User
    From the way things are ordered in the journal, I guess its working as intended such that you do Act 1, then get called away to do Capture the Flag, then come back to do Act 2, then get called away again before returning. While I agree it breaks the flow, I'm not sure its a bug or if it's a deliberate ordering thing and if memory serves its was broken up in a similar fashion way back when Delta Rising launched.

    Now the fact that one of the missions in Act 2 doesn't seem to get prompted within the Act (or auto completes), that probably is a bug. And I'm not even going to comment of the low replay value of most of the missions in the map (which likely explains why on two of the missions usually get replayed).
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