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PC lifetime Question

bcstarbcstar Member Posts: 301 Arc User
if you have a lifetime account for PC is it possible to link it to a PS4 account?? Thanks.

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  • mattaukettmattaukett Member Posts: 190 Arc User
    Nope, console and PC versions are entirely separate (basically think of them as 2 separate games).
  • shinku#4469 shinku Member Posts: 164 Arc User
    Will they ever merge?
  • cbrjwrrcbrjwrr Member Posts: 2,782 Arc User
    Will they ever merge?

    No, as they are two different games - the console versions runs an older specification.
  • antonine3258antonine3258 Member Posts: 2,391 Arc User
    Will they ever merge?

    If this was in their intentions, LTS would have been propagated from existing accounts to the console versions when the console version went live.
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  • jaguarskxjaguarskx Member Posts: 5,945 Arc User
    Will they ever merge?

    It will not happen in the foreseeable future.

    Here's a quote from a Business Insider article about why Overwatch Xbox One and PS4 cannot play together.

    "It's a mix of technical and business reasons," game director Jeff Kaplan told me in an interview this week at a New York City event for the game's one year anniversary. "Right now, the two platforms — in particular, Xbox to PlayStation — is not an open ecosystem. They're very closed-off ecosystems, and it's very hard to cross those boundaries."

    Below is an article from The Verge entitled "Sony's excuse for blocking PlayStation and Xbox cross-platform play is hostile and stupid".


    XBox One and PC players are more likely to play together assuming Microsoft has no intentions to block such an attempt for business reasons since both platforms use a version of Windows and Microsoft can implement protocols for cross faction play. However, there are issues in addition to some likely technical hurdles...

    - PC and Xbox One players are not playing the same version of STO. Content is released first for PC then for consoles.

    - Content is released for PC first generally because if there are serious bugs, then a hot patch can easily be done. For consoles it is a bit more complicated. Patches (or any type of content) must go through a rigorous validation procedure for consoles. From what I have read this validation procedure is several hundred pages long. Patches can be fail validation for something as simple as using the wrong shade of color to represent one of the control buttons on the Xbox One (or PS4) game controller.

    - For business reasons Cryptic is unlikely to update STO Xbox to match STO PC in order to make more money on from the sale of ships. If all existing ships were to be released for STO Xbox that exists in STO PC, then Xbox players will simply buy the ship that is most desirable to them and ignore all other ships.

    - Slowly releasing ships means players may settle for a certain ship or ships if those ships are a "good enough" substitute for their "ideal ship". Having said that ships are released more quickly on the console than on the PC because they already exist, though I am sure some amount of work is required to import the models into the console version and tested.

    - The LTS and monthly Zen Stipend. There is likely some contractual agreement between Microsoft (Sony as well) with Cryptic / PWE to not allow console player to receive a monthly stipend. Because STO is a F2P game, Microsoft (and Sony) basically makes their money on taking a cut of micro-transactions when purchasing Zen with real money. The Zen Stipend would cut into the potential revenue Microsoft can earn.

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