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fynncobbfynncobb Member Posts: 57 Media Corps
Greetings, Captains! You’re listening to EPISODE 327 OF PRIORITY ONE PODCAST, your weekly report on all things Star Trek! Recorded LIVE on Thursday, July 20th, 2017 and available for download or streaming on Monday, July 24th at PriorityOnePodcast.com!

This week, we’ve got an absolute TON of new information about Star Trek Discovery, The Orville is looking like it could be a serious Star Trek competitor, and The Wrath of Khan is gearing up for its 35th Anniversary later this year. In Star Trek Online news, we’re reviewing the latest featured episode “Brushfire”. We’re also summing up some of the content that we didn’t have details of before launch, and Winters is sharing with us another Top Tip. Later, Jayce is here with some literary commentary in another Trek Lit 101.
And as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages!


    • We’d love to hear YOUR theories on all the different Klingon looks…try and avoid the existing theories, and yes, silly theories count too!
    • What are your thoughts on the new endeavor system in Star Trek Online? And do you see it changing how you play in the long run?


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    Winter’s Tip of the Week is underscored by:
    Hero Down Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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    • tylermaxwelltylermaxwell Member Posts: 184 Arc User
      We’d love to hear YOUR theories on all the different Klingon looks…try and avoid the existing theories, and yes, silly theories count too!
      I'd just guess they were another ethnicity or sub-culture of Klingons. I mean, is it really reasonable to expect all (approx.) several billion Klingons in the galaxy to all look and act with the same old 'I'm a sword wielding, bloodwine drinking, honor-bound warrior!' pastiche? That's like expecting all 7 billion of us humans to look and sound like cowboys from the Old West. Yee haw.

      What are your thoughts on the new Endeavor system in Star Trek Online? And do you see it changing how you play in the long run?
      Ih. I'm more interested in what the Endeavor system could be used for in the future, rather than what they've done so far. Many of the objectives in the first week were laughably simple (shoot 10 Borg ships, scan a thingy, etc.), over too quickly, and the rewards are a drop in the bucket compared to what I'm used to. It did get me to go to Defera though for the first time in maybe a couple years, so that's something. I want to see the Endeavor system maybe used to corral folks to the underplayed queues, like Hive space, battlezones or perhaps Foundry missions; things that more players probably would play at least as long as there's a big fat loot carrot dangling in front of it. Those should be all day rewards though, not just for the first play per account; that will hopefully keep the queue populations up the whole time, and not just in spikes when the most players first log in.

      (Bonus topic!) New trailers: Discovery vs. Orville
      You know, I think I have the opposite view of each show's new trailers compared to their last ones. (Overall feelings on the shows remains the same.) I'm liking the Discovery trailer this time around; BSG jump effects and lots of pew pew aside, I think it encapsulates the story a lot better. It seems like the show's gonna be tightly focused around a single storyline, but also a single character, namely Commander Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and her struggles, in a way that we usually don't see in the other Trek properties, which tend to be of the standard A-plot/B-plot episodic variety. I haven't quite decided whether this change is a good or a bad thing. Then there's this exchange:
      Sonequa Martin-Green/Burnham: "You're MAD!"
      Rainn Wilson/Mudd: "I'm 'MUDD'! "
      ROFLMAO. Regardless of whether he lives up to Roger Carmel's previous incarnation of the character, I look forward to watching the adventures of 'Space Dwight'. :)

      I've been hoping that The Orville would end up as an action comedy: some obvious joke moments, but mostly engaging sci-fi lite storytelling, something in the vein of Chuck or Firefly. The latest trailer though makes it seem more like a sort of live-action Family Guy, utilizing the same stale comic tropes that McFarlane has been using for the last decade or so. We don't need another one of those; that's what Ted was for. (Mind you, I thought the 1st one was great; the 2nd one was basically just a 2 hour long Family Guy rerun.)
    • cuchulainn74cuchulainn74 Member Posts: 826 Arc User
      We’d love to hear YOUR theories on all the different Klingon looks…try and avoid the existing theories, and yes, silly theories count too!
      You want silly theory, you get silly theory! What if the forehead ridges aren't genetic at all? All Klingons are actually born smooth headed. The ridges are the product of an ancient ritual performed by Klingon families on their children. They know the Federation sensibilities would not accept this, so they've always lied to the Federation about it. The distinctive patterns that seem familial are down to the nuances of each family's ritual.

      What are your thoughts on the new Endeavor system in Star Trek Online? And do you see it changing how you play in the long run?
      I love the Endeavor system. It's already gotten me to run content I've never bothered to play before. And it was fun! I only wish the Endeavors cycled more often.
      Fleet Admiral CuChulainn - U.S.S. Aegis KT Intel Dreadnought Cruiser

    • garaks31garaks31 Member Posts: 2,827 Arc User
      my guess is, discovery klingons are the result of attempts to fix the augment viruses side effects.
    • danquellerdanqueller Member Posts: 496 Arc User
      edited July 2017
      Hey Priority One!

      Thanks for another great podcast and keeping the Trek community up to date on what's happening!

      We’d love to hear YOUR theories on all the different Klingon looks…try and avoid the existing theories, and yes, silly theories count too!

      I think the explanation for the latest Klingon race to be seen is obvious. When the Organians first encountered the Klingon Empire, they consulted with the Q as to how to temper the aggressive nature of the warrior race. In answer, the Q engineered the first encounter of Klingons with Tribbles. At first, things went well. However, many Klingons who did not have a Tribble of their own noticed the effects the furballs had on those that did, and in absolute terror for the future of their race, they exiled all the 'Tribble Fools' to a cluster of habitable worlds on what would become the Federation/Klingon border many centuries later. This was also the beginning of the hate and fear within Klingon culture towards Tribbles and, in retaliation for their cruel reaction, the Q altered the Tribble race to react violently to any Klingon it encountered.

      The influence of mutagenic transeditorial inversion radiation that permuted the planetary cluster changed the exiled Klingons and their Tribble pets over the thousands of years since, merging the two species into one. Now, these Klingtribs are driven to be even more aggressive by the loss of cute fur (their Tribble side) and a conflicting desire for peaceful warfare (their Klingon side), embracing any opportunity to prove themselves in battle. The Klingon Empire considers them an embarrassing example of why Tribbles must be exterminated, but have also allowed them to rejoin the Empire as part of the historic 'You Are Klingon But Stay Over There' (rough translation) treaty.

      It should be noted that the other dominant species of the planetary cluster, the Tribklings, are even more disturbing to the Empire, and the image of millions of small ridged furballs with miniature bat'leths charging forwards centimeter by centimeter has been used to scare Klingon children for many centuries.

      Keep up the great moments in podcasting history!
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