What happened to the Saurian refugee DOFF mission?

indyshark Member Posts: 1,497 Arc User
I have not seen a Saurian refugee mission for a long time. I used to find them in the Teneedia sector frequently. Are they available in a different section or is it broken? I have some refugees I have been savings for this mission, but I may have to sell or use them on other missions. Thanks


  • tribbulater
    tribbulater Member Posts: 253 Arc User
    I last saw one about a month, month and a half ago. Have checked the whole Teneebia area multiple times since, no go.
  • indyshark
    indyshark Member Posts: 1,497 Arc User
    Bump, any other ideas?
  • greucean
    greucean Member Posts: 111 Arc User
    bump, this is not resolved

    ALSO, ferengi and betazoid officer exchanges are missing since the sector revamp, and no one seems to take notice
  • jacksonjaxxon
    jacksonjaxxon Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    You need to visit Sauria sector in alpha quadrant for Saurian doff assignment.
  • baddmoonrizin
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    Wow. Three things wrong with this thread: 1) Posts about bugs go in the Bug Report subforum, 2) it's against forum rules to bump a thread, 3) and especially so to bump a necro thread.

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