Artifact hunting on Risa

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I've seen a lot of QQ'ing on the zonechat about this mission so there's a few pointers people should realise before getting so worked up.

1) There are several people out there who've made maps to show you where artifacts can be found such as this:

Whilst not perfect (you still need to use the scanner to go in the right direction), at least with the map you can get a rough idea to narrow down your trajectory.

When scanning, try not to do it too far off the ground in a floater, it's a very brief image on the ground and being high sometimes means it won't even show up.
Also, on sloping ground it gets a bit wonky and might not always render properly.

When you do scan for the artifact, i often will do a first scan, then walk a few paces and scan again. This give you two bearings and around the midpoint of both combined will give you a pretty good direction to head in. Combined with the aforementioned maps this makes it a lot easier to find things.

Lastly, if you find it a real pain to complete in the allotted time, remember you can pick up the mission at any time and do it at your own pace, then just turn it in only when the event is up on the schedule for bonus marks. That saves you racing against the clock if you find it tricky.


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    The scanner is if anything even more visually broken than last year. Why they couldn't go with a graphic centered around the toon like the R&D mats scanner, so you could actually see it without staring at your feet and hoping it's not covered by foliage, terrain or just not appearing at all for any number of reasons, I'll never understand. :disappointed:
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    The best way to do this even is a simple one.

    Orient yourself facing North to start. Initialize your scanner. Move left or right (east or west) a bit and take a scan. If you got further away, move the other way. Repeat until you get another 'further'. Continue until you have a generally good idea that you are lined up with the artifact. Then, move a little forwards or back (north or south) and take a reading. Same as the east-west movement. Repeat this procedure until you get close enough the dig site rezzes. Take your artifact and get your reward. Total time needed: about 3-6 minutes. You don't even need the visual clue with this method if you have issues with that.

    It amazes me every year how many people can't seem to grasp a very simple search pattern/navigation drill, but there you have it.
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    Yea I ran it so many times last year the pattern is ingrained in me now.

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    Part of me wonders if it's actually quicker to just ignore the scanner and float to the map points in turn to check them out. With a superior floater you go quite fast, or even a board for the coastal ones.
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    Did that last year, Much faster to narrow down which half of the map your going to first. I now take 3 or 4 scans to find one. and half of those are not really needed.

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    It's easy for me, it's like a game of hot and cold.

    If I am in the green, I am on the right track. If I get in the red, I simply go in another direction and keep trying until I get a green again. I keep doing this until I find the object, normally in the span of several minutes.

    I found 6 or 7 in a row just this past day, yo. B)
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    I use Triangulation. Scan at my current location. use the free teleport to the beach or promenade, then scan there. and yeah, I always scan more than once at each point to narrow it down further.
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    For me the problem is that I've completed it 45 times and have only found 16 different items. I think I should not be finding 'umpteen' telephones booths...makes me think Qwen is seeding these things and trolling me.
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    At first, the red visuals of the scanner used to last much longer, allowing you to see the general direction. Then, at one time, they broke it, showing nothing. Then, they barely fixed them, forcing you to not blink to catch a half-showing flash of visuals and it was never completely fixed again.

    So, yeah, better memorize the locations and go with your feelings.
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    I hate this mission...rather be dancing but unfortunately they changed cooldown for dance to 90mins. tiger-2.gif​​
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    storules wrote: »
    I hate this mission...rather be dancing but unfortunately they changed cooldown for dance to 90mins. tiger-2.gif​​

    It's okay, I can typically find 4 artifacts within the time limit so overall I earn more favors doing the hunt.