[PODCAST] Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 264: Return of the nothing!

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Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 264: 'Return of the nothing!' has warped on to Holosuite Media, you can download and stream it from: http://holosuitemedia.com/tie264/

This week we discuss this week's news on Star Trek Online, Star Trek Online Consoles (0:30:19) and then in the Main Viewer (0:36:07) we talk about what people are saying about Star Trek Discovery and more.



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    Hello there, tribbles.

    I'm re-listening to the episode while writing this but it seems like there are no community questions this week, so... uhm... I'll keep listening and start talking about other things in the meantime.



    Well, where do I begin? Oh, I got something. Last weekend there was a convention in Atlanta, Georgia. It was called MomoCon and they had a few interesting panels (which got streamed to twitch, so you can find and watch the recordings there...). Two Critical Role panels (you know, the show where a bunch of nerdy-*bleep* voice-actors come together to play Dungeons&Dragons), an Overwatch voice-actor panel and an OW anniversary panel. I watched all of them and I have to admit watching the three voice-actor panels (the OW one in particular) made me happy.
    And I admit that on the OW panel you could notice the difference between the veteran voice-actors and those who did more stage- and/or screen-acting in the past, because the veteran voice-actors have gotten invited to a lot of cons (and did a bunch of panels) before.
    Be that as it may, if you like Critical Role, I recommend you watch those two panels (I think they're on different channels.) And if you like OW, watch at least the voice-actor panel.

    But hey, Cryptic doesn't seem to think that voice-actors are interesting. And that's where I shouldn't get ahead of myself, because I already started working on that e-mail. Sometimes Cryptic/PW just irritates me... no, that wording is not strong enough... they make me angry.

    Communication and unique little snowflakes:

    So let's talk about something less aggravating. Remember the last few live-streams when Borticus and Kael claimed that they couldn't talk about upcoming stuff because if something went wrong people would yell at them?
    In a vacuum that statement makes a whole lot of sense, doesn't it? Now here's the kicker, why do other dev teams keep doing that? Are you trying to tell me that Blizzard does not have to deal with backlash when something doesn't work out? Wait, you're gonna tell me that Blizzard has all the monies and is a unique little snowflake. Okay, fair enough.

    What about Standing Stone Games (Lord of the Rings Online) trying to hype up Mordor?
    What about the fact that we just got a dev roadmap from Star Wars: The Old Republic's executive producer?
    I am pretty sure that both of those teams had... fluctuations in the amount of information they were willing to share throughout the lifetime of their respective games, but for some reason those teams seem to be trying to open up again.

    Are you trying to tell me that Star Trek Online has a more "vicious" player-base? Because I can guarantee you it does not. I have seen worse. Seriously. Now, don't get me wrong, I am certain that some of the STO devs have received death threats. I wish I was making a disgustingly awful joke there but other dev teams have dealt with that exact problem. And that is unacceptable. But unfortunately there are people out there who think the internet is their own personal playground. (They are wrong, but that's a whole different topic.)

    We are getting weekly live-streams. Okay, that's genuinely nice (even though I can't seem to remember when they happen and I have not been able to find some sort of reminder post on Twitter or the forums or something...).
    But I HAVE to keep asking: Where are our producer's letters? "State of the game" blogs? Dev roadmaps? I said it before, I stopped recommending this game to other people. And I certainly wouldn't encourage anyone to buy a lifetime subscription. I have not yet reached the point where I would discourage people from giving it a try but give it some time and I might get there. The ball is in your court, Cryptic.

    Summer event:

    So the summer event has been announced. Okay. Let's see. T6 Vorgon Ryn'Kodan carrier. Well, I expected a Vorgon ship since Cryptic made the "frigate" (last year's heavy escort summer event ship), the "cruiser" and the "battleship", so... I guess next year we're gonna get a Vorgon summer event cruiser. (I kinda miss the Risian ships. *shrug*)

    New activity: biathlon. Okay, let me guess it's "grab the flags" at the end? I just hope they did something to the flags so people can't accidentally claim two flags (and their associated rewards) anymore. (Yes, I filed a bug report last year. No, I don't expect it to be fixed.)

    New caracal pets. Do we get pet storage?
    If yes, THANK YOU and it's about time...
    If not, I wonder if your metrics tell you how many people refuse to get the new pets because of the lack of pet storage. Here's a hint: I'll be one of them!

    Gold, silver and bronze floaters and powerboards to shove your huge... biathlon skills... into people's faces. Okay, there are people who enjoy doing that, so... I don't mind.

    New swimwear, a new kit module, previous kit modules get turned into BOff manuals... Mmh. Okay. Whatever.

    And last but not least, I look forward to the annual "end of summer" giveaway. (Yes, Cryptic, some people DO pay attention to detail...)