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Game keeps freezing randomly during loading...

nomad#3155 nomad Member Posts: 1 Arc User
It's not a constant, but sometimes the game will just freeze up during loading screens and I have to ctrl + alt + del out of it and restart the game.... Any reasons why this happens or any fixes? Sorry if it was listed somewhere else but I haven't found the answer as of yet :(


  • ometaklahnometaklahn Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    I have a similar problem as well. Locate your localdata file and delete the GamePrefs.pref file. This will reset your graphics settings, but will help the game loadup better. The only problem is that the system will restore GamePrefs.pref file after a while. So you will have to keep deleting it when you notice a problem has reoccurred. If that doesn't work then something else is going on.
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