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So here's something I thought of while fooling about in BQ, when you compare Orion Prime to Kentar or new Kentar, it seems reasonbly healthy, while in the STO backstory the Orion Syndicate allied themselves with the Klingons due the Klingon Empire promicing them a new homeworld with implication that the old homeworld was uninhabitble.

Now that got me wondering that what if the Orion Syndicate was chased out of the Orion system not due to an ecological disaster but rather UFP wanting them removed and now that UFP and Klingon Empire at peace again the corrupt "true"(read:puppet for the syndicate) Orion goverment is trying to get Starfleet out of the system so that Orion Syndicate could return to their orginal homeworld and your sent to solve the diplomatic mess to due Federation Council not really wanting a major criminal organization and a KDF ally so close to their coreworlds.

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    Here's more information on the Orion Syndicate: (just for a little refinement :))

    A few points to take note of are that the former Orion Homeworld (in STO canon, abandoned by the Syndicate [not necessarily the Orions] due to resource depletion and Starfleet interference with criminal operations) was in the Rigel System. The Orion System is something else, and it could possibly be the new home system of the bulk of the Orion species (it's relatively close and Melani was only head of the Syndicate) but that hasn't been confirmed.

    The Syndicate also can't necessarily be assumed to be wholley representative of the Orions, it's a criminal organization which has traded hands over the years. It just happens to be lead by Orions now. They might view themselves as the most powerful Orion faction but there's still potentially a lot of Orions out there who don't share that view (canon Trek has implicitly presented their political relations as being complicated, non-canon more so). With what's established, we have the making for a tricky situation. That's good Foundry material, but...

    ...I have serious issues with invoking the Federation (seeking merely to avoid political complications) as why the Orions abandoned their homeworld (which is the take I got from your story proposal, you might try separating the Orion species and the Orion Syndicate a bit more). Starfleet anti-crime operations were a factor in the Syndicate's decision to move their center closer to the KDF but again that's not the same as Orions, generally. Moving the species out by force out has disturbing connotations which do not fit Federation as we know it.

    Compare the rational here to the plot of Star Trek Insurrection, it's on a different plane.

    An alternative: just focus on the immediate idea of the Syndicate moving back into Rigel (leaving the reason why they left to the multiple established factors.)
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    The 'Orion Syndicate' was offered a world by the KDF if they sided with them (during the Gorn-Klingon War if I recall) Being a criminal organization I could see them wanting to relocate to avoid the feds leaving those who didn't or weren't part of the OS to lean towards Federation ideals.

    After the Borg, Undine, Iconian and Na'Kuhl attacks I could see the Federation panicking over the possibilities over the threat the Orions could represent. Given Starfleets somewhat weakened state I wouldn't put it past S31 to deal with these green invaders ... quickly & quietly.
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    I think you misunderstood what I meant, my idea was that the Syndicate was the ones who got chased out, but there's an official orion goverment that is sort of still in place (though being monitored by Starfleet personel) though said goverment is so hopelessly corrupt that in practice before Starfleet came and chased the Syndicate away the syndicate was the ones really running the show.

    so you got the Syndicate who got chased away, the officially orion species goverment that's essentially puppets of the syndicate and the orion people who are paying the bill for the corruption of the goverment due to being forced to stay in that resource depleted planet while. I would even see UFP trying to help the remaining non-syndicate orions to get their society into a condition where a criminal organization isn't the one running the show (even from behind the scenes)