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Undine Battlezone Constant Crashing

entnx01entnx01 Member Posts: 539 Arc User
Since this is the PS4 forums instead of PC, I'm not sure what all I need to include.

Since the Season 12 patch (and possibly before that, but I only know of after the Season 12 patch), my game crashes in the Undine Battlezone (Space) at two different times:

1) When I try to enter the Battlezone (either it doesn't get past the loading screen, or I enter briefly before the game crashes)
2) When I've been in the zone for a few minutes (maybe 5? I haven't kept a specific timer on this, unfortunately.)

I have to submit an error report (which no longer includes videos of the last few seconds?) each time, then reload the game and log back in.

Has anyone else had this issue?


  • dbumblebee#5000 dbumblebee Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    Yes, it will crash going into contested zone and battlezone of Dyson sphere. Last time it happened to me me game crashed three more times trying to log back into my character as well.

    The reason it doesn't give you the option to include video is that it is a different type of crash than most.
  • asada#4622 asada Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Why would they fix this issue, this particular Sphere has always been a problem which has been reported and known for a long time now. Before this last update the Sphere would just lag constantly, but now it DC's every 5 minutes after the update. Before the update weapons wouldn't fire off properly and damage values would glitch out. Also some enemies would glitch out all together. They have known this, so why would they fix it. I avoid the Solanae sphere because they refuse to fix it, I doubt they will fix it just because of this post. You have to remember they are in it to make money, they won't make as much money if they fix an old part of the game, they believe they will make more off the game if it is broken with new content released every few months. That is just the type of company they are
  • dbumblebee#5000 dbumblebee Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    Bump. Game still crashes when enter dyson contested zone, and Undine battlezone. I would like to complete the story arc in these areas on a couple alts. Also the duty officer missions available in the battlezone are all but unavailable because of this issue. I would go there on several characters daily to pickup all those available there, but haven't for over a month now, game crashing bugs should be your top priority! Same goes for loading into Day of Doom crashing. You haven't even acknowledged either of these bugs, unless the known issue in patch notes of camera related crashes has to do with both. The most frustrating part of this game crashing is that I seem to have to restart my app several times before it will finally connect to the shard server. It will just sit there saying it's trying to connect, all while my internet is fine while I'm in a party chat uninterrupted. And restarting the game sometimes a third or fourth time will finally connect.
  • skullblits#4627 skullblits Member Posts: 1,273 Arc User
    they only update the game monthly soo yea
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