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Season 13 should be scrapped for a later date till it's ready

The rebalancing is the worst possible outcome train wreck disaster as it stands right now with the devs flip flopping back and forth on so many things not knowing what to do. Things have been skewed out of wack beyond belief while other things have been made even more ridiculously unpractical to use like torpedos ect.. Nothing has been done for sci toons other than minuscule adjustments for scattering field and sci fleet.

The way things are across the board right now this rebalancing is going to be the largest embarrassment that tops all their previous embarrassments if it goes live next tuesday. They really need to slam on the breaks and take another couple of months to work things out or else it's just going to come out as a sad incompetent joke with their work not being able to be taken seriously.


  • jexsamxjexsamx Member Posts: 2,782 Arc User
    *reads post*

    *looks at OP's username*

    Oh, nevermind.
  • postinggumpostinggum Member Posts: 1,117 Arc User
    They can keep it on test servers and only have a small minoirty play it or go live and get feedback from the full spectrum of players. I say take it live and let the months of fixes commence, anyone that thinks the game isn't like this is in for a surprise.
  • node31#9773 node31 Member Posts: 39 Arc User
    Nobody likes nerfs,especially when they have something that will be hit hard by nerf hamer... Truth is, cryptic is to much gentle with nerf hammer, they should hit with it everything and hard... DPS, NPCs Shield and Hull HPs, Power menagment, everything...
  • jodarkriderjodarkrider Member Posts: 2,097 Arc User
    This is not how you do a constructive critism, OP... Nothing to see here.
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