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selectin ships. PS4

skullblits#4627 skullblits Member Posts: 1,273 Arc User
just wondering if it's possible to pick a ship without it changing all your equipment automatically?

because that's really annoying me


  • asada#4622 asada Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited April 2017
    Right After you buy the ship, Dry dock the new ship, what this does is remove all the equipment you don't want off the new ship. then undrydock it and make it active. This will transfer everything from your old ship to new ship if the new ship has the space for it, you will have to reset all of your abilities. Also specify what you mean by Automatically. Because Automatically doesn't explain what you really mean. Do you mean keep the new equipment on the new ship? Because it normally doesn't override equipment from your old ship to new. Hint Drydocking the new ship
  • skullblits#4627 skullblits Member Posts: 1,273 Arc User
    hmm can't do that unfortunately there older ships and I've no room left to move em around
  • giliongilion Member Posts: 686 Arc User
    There are two ways that equipment is auto equipped to your ship. The first is whenever you get a new ship, the first time you set it as active, it will try and take as much equipment as it can from the ship you just switched from. This option can be turned off in the menus. The second is any equipment that you take from the ship without actually un-equipping it, will re-equip when you switch back to that ship. For example, if you take a set of shields from one ship and give it to another without moving it to your inventory first, whenever you switch back to the ship it was originally on, it will take the shields back. It's a very useful system when you figure out how it works.

    It's made so you can easily switch between ships without having to have all of them fully equipped. Before we had this system anyone who liked using multiple ships had to either spend around 15min moving equipment around, or get themselves a few dozen phaser arrays to give to each of their ships.
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