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Surgical Strikes bug?

cesitar257cesitar257 Member Posts: 49 Arc User
edited March 2017 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
i can use Surgical Strikes in Enhanced Battle Cloak, It.s a bug?

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  • ekypyrosekypyros Member Posts: 181 Arc User
    Nope it give Cloak and Ehanced Battle Cloak for ships ,Enhanced Battle cloak let some Attacks possible in cloak
    it give Reputation Cloak for few sek you can with this use all weapons and skills

    And known is isokinetic Cannon fire cloaked too (but not with Balance patch anymore )

  • cesitar257cesitar257 Member Posts: 49 Arc User
    ok, thanks =)
  • seriousdaveseriousdave Member Posts: 2,777 Arc User
    edited March 2017
    Actually yes, that's a bug. It was bugged (this way) on release back in 2014, was fixed like half a year later and apperantly is bugged again.
    Enhanced battle cloak lets you do much things but firing energy wepaons is not supposed to be among them.

    With that all said, have fun while it lasts. Might dust off my Faeht too untill it's "fixed" again. ;)
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