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Fleet Bank Permissions Not Working

Hello. I recently got my alts into a fleet and they're permitted to Set Fleet bank withdraw / deposit permissions but after i buy a new repository ii can't change the permissions and have to get the leader to do it.


  • gaevsmangaevsman Member Posts: 3,099 Arc User
    Depends on your rank in the fleet, from what i know, only the leader can assing new permissions to a new tab, its not inherited from previous ones. Once the leader configures permissions, they propagates to the rest of the fleet, (from my expiriences)
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  • mystarlite#1876 mystarlite Member Posts: 93 Arc User
    The leader has set rank the alts are in to be able to purchase repositories and set their permissions so my alts can buy repositories when out of space and deposit. But i can only buy and have to get leader to set permissions to deposit/withdrawal even though it's already been permitted -_-
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