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this mistery lock box anybody can solve the mistery ????

xayssxayss Member Posts: 391 Arc User
on the defend star base ground on the left side on the group of container there on the top there a lock box for year always be there, never pay atention just for curosity anybody has been go to the top of that place and click over that box ??'



  • jslynjslyn Member Posts: 1,749 Arc User
    That is where the Ferengi are storing all of the socks that they have liberating from people's laundry. They will allow you to purchase some of these fine clothing articles during the next Winter Event.
  • cactolithcactolith Member Posts: 69 Arc User
    My scanners indicate that it is filled with sawdust.
  • saurializardsaurializard Member Posts: 4,243 Arc User
    From the STO TvTropes page:
    One that they had to explain because people were getting angry was about a lockbox on top of a stack of crates in the Starbase Incursion fleet event. Since the mission takes place in your own fleets starbase, the joke was about the fact that everyone had stashes of lockboxes tucked away.

    Tumerboy/Tacofangs: The idea for this map had been set, but it's flavor had not been. The visuals for this map went through a few revisions on what it could be (i.e. lab, computer core, etc.), on the drawing board before it was finally decided on storage/cargo bay. Someone said to fill it with crates. With all of the lockbox debates going on, and all of the people declaring that they just collect, but never open any of them, in my mind, this is the storage bay in your starbase where everyone dumps their lockboxes. I figured every crate was filled with lockboxes. It was meant as a little nod, a wink, a joke. Perhaps in poor taste, but that's all it was meant to be. Originally I had the holo-crate in the center be a lockbox, but figured that was too blatant, so I moved it off to the side, out of the way.
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