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m311m311 Member Posts: 92 Arc User
Is there a way to change the rarity of your officers from white to purple? If so how?

I'm a bridge officer and I notice I can recruit another bridge officer. Is there point to recruit extra officers with the same class or I should just scrap them for special abilities as I have put them on hold?

How do I look at other missions from other places? Is the missions on Earth only?
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  • wakerobertswakeroberts Member Posts: 105 Arc User
    Your character that you are playing is not a Bridge Officer. Your bridge officers are the other characters that travel around with you as part of your crew. You are going to need bridge officers to fill the bridge stations on your ship. The stations allow you to use your bridge officer's abilities during space combat. The stations are specific to each of the three departments, tactical, engineering, and science.

    The earliest missions will be on or near Earth. As you successfully complete each mission, it will take you to different areas of the galaxy. You can't skip ahead to later missions. You wouldn't want to anyway since higher level missions would be impossibly difficult until you rank up to the appropriate level.
  • postagepaidpostagepaid Member Posts: 2,581 Arc User
    Higher level missions that low level characters have opened via featured episodes scale down to the player even after the FE tag is removed.

    It is one of the holes in STO that a mere lt can be commanding a starship while later on a fleet admiral can be getting bossed about by lowly captains. The chain of command is more a bungee cord of suggestion.
  • dracounguisdracounguis Member Posts: 5,363 Arc User
    If you want better quality officers you have to buy them. Nothing really special about better ones. Rares get 1 'superior' version of a trait, and Very Rares get 2. More important that they have the skills you want them to have. Better common X you want than Superior Y you don't want. Plenty of Very Rare Boffs on Exchange for fairly cheap. Now, there are a few traits like Efficiency and Operative(?) that jack up the price waaay up. But unless you are going for the min-max level of player, its not really necessary.

    Personally, I go with 2 sets of crew just because I have the space in my roster for it. One have all ground traits (most Boffs have 4 ground traits) for away teams and then the other set has a space trait. (most 'space' Boffs only have 1 space trait) All Boffs can learn all powers now (used to be they could only know 4 at a time) so you really don't need a ton of Boffs like in the 'good ol' days' when you wanted to swap powers w/o a visit to ESD to retrain them.
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