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A new RP fleet idea (Need people to start it!)

toddfromhrtoddfromhr Member Posts: 1 Arc User
Hi everybody! I've been RP'ing on STO on and off for a couple years, and it's been on and off because I can't seem to find an RP fleet I really enjoy, they all seem a little disconnected, when you join, it seems like there is nothing to do, no chances to RP. I recently just finished re-watching the DS9 series and I love the feeling that the station is alive, even in the episodes were not much is going on, its still fun to watch the station thrive with life, I wan't to make an RP fleet that has that feeling, an open starbase for players to come and enjoy.

I wan't to make a RP station, that almost always has something to do! It sounds difficult, and if I do manage to find people to help me create all of this, it will probably start off slow, but I have an idea. A group of GM's (game masters) who have a "standby" character set as the "alien" species, you see with that, the game master can log on, change the appearance of the alien at any time, and pose as a new enemy, and or friend, creating a station wide event for all players to enjoy. By doing this we could keep the station alive with activity and fun events.

So with all of that being said, I need at least 5 people (unless that has changed) to help me make this fleet, and we can all equally contribute to making this vision a reality.

Message me on here, or in game @toddfromhr

Thank you.


  • wombat140wombat140 Member Posts: 960 Arc User
    Hiya @toddfromhr . Always good to meet other people who like to RP.

    I like very much the idea of an open starbase where something's always going on, but I'm not sure how you propose to do it. It seems to me the main reason that you visit a place like that and find nothing to do is that sometimes there just aren't enough people around to keep things happening. (My view may be skewed by the fact that I'm from Europe and play at off-peak hours, but let's assume it's not.) There's already one "open RP starbase", SB 381 Praetorian (belonging to the 26th Fleet), and I often visited and found only a few people there and nothing much happening. So surely if you and other players want a busy base, you'd be better off joining an existing RP fleet that already has lots of members, rather than starting a new one? Maybe you should talk to the 26th or another RP fleet?

    Mind you - sometimes I've been on SB381 and there WERE half a dozen people there and still nothing seemed to be happening, they just stood at the bar and made very small small talk. Maybe the 26th Fleet and others just don't think in terms of always actually doing anything in their "RP", they just run it as a place where you can hang around in character? If so, that's a matter of taste (although I suspect that kind of conversation is a lot more interesting if you actually know the 26th Fleet characters and their backstories - I don't), but you may have spotted a gap in the market after all!

    Having an alien character that you could turn into whatever suits the occasion is a great idea! I've sometimes thought of doing something similar myself, so I could visit SB381 as all kinds of different one-off characters without forking out Zen for lots of character slots. What stopped me was that you can't change a character's name (without paying in Zen), so they'd always appear as the same name. But thinking about it again now, I suppose if you named them something that's obviously a placeholder such as "Character01", that would hopefully give people the idea of what was going on, and then just let people find out their current name by interacting with them, same as you would with a real person.
  • kheelan#5651 kheelan Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    rather than put out the expense of creating a starbase with tall the goodies, why not take an existing starbase and using it as a meeting place. I know ds9 at least in evenings eu times isn't too busy. maybe find an even quieter one to do your rp in.
  • wombat140wombat140 Member Posts: 960 Arc User
    Good idea, and then you'd have the chance of other passing RPers stumbling on you by accident, which you wouldn't in a starbase.

    I think Quark's Bar is the main place on DS9 that has a bit of trouble with rowdies, so if you avoid that area you'll probably be good to go - not that I've usually had trouble even there, I play European early evenings too. Bajor is another place that's traditionally supposed to be a spot where RPers meet, though I've never encountered any myself at my times.
  • the0infamousthe0infamous Member Posts: 526 Arc User
    I'd be interesting in getting in on this if you still want to. Once maintenance on the game is done, if I remember, I will message you todd.

  • brakejobbrakejob Member Posts: 26 Arc User
    I wouldn't mind stepping in on this too as well
  • the0infamousthe0infamous Member Posts: 526 Arc User
    i really need to remember to message Todd lol

  • captainwellscaptainwells Member Posts: 486 Arc User
    I'm on Xbox One, so fleet holdings are currently unavailable and this seriously impacts role playing within STO. I do hope that this content will drop for the consoles sooner, rather than later. I've got multiple characters running ingame and all or most have joined a fleet, but by and large, that soon tends to be the extent of it. A mixed bag of experience among the various fleet that I've joined seems to be the order of the day. And forget the PvE and PvP stuff. Endlessly awaiting an arena that never seems to start is not how I enjoy spending my time in this game. Giving it a wide pass until further notice.
  • the0infamousthe0infamous Member Posts: 526 Arc User
    how does fleet holdings seriously impact roleplaying within STO?

    All I do is RP, so anything outside of acting as my character or creating a good story is of little interest to me :P

  • bobsled624bobsled624 Member Posts: 263 Bug Hunter
    Hey guys,

    If an open starbase and a Fleet RP is something you're interested in, check out the Open Starbase run by the 26th Fleet. It's always around and we're always open to new members :)

    You can check out the site at http://26thfleet.enjin.com/ and if you just want to jump in and see what the 26th is all about, add the channel SB381 to your in-game chat and send through an in-character docking request.

    Otherwise, I'll see y'all around Deep Space 9 :)

    Captain Mark Shranz | bIng 'aj Ro'Tal | erei'Riov Koval tr'Liun

    "Your fun is not wrong" -Jeremy [email protected]

    Proud Member of the Operational Support (Bug Hunter) Team
  • wombat140wombat140 Member Posts: 960 Arc User
    edited January 2017
    @bobsled624 : It is sad though that we don't have anything that's what the OP described as "a RP station, that almost always has something to do". I don't ever recall there being anything to actually do on the Open Starbase; as a visitor all you do is watch people talking about things you wouldn't understand unless you were a fleet member or knew them very well. (That may just be me. I never have known how to get into conversations.) Nothing actually happens unless you bring something yourself.

    Even then, you don't know if you're allowed to do that or not because of all the stern warnings about not turning up unannounced with some drama and expecting everyone to drop everything, unless you've arranged it in advance with the fleet leaders. Anyway, you don't always have an idea. It's hard if RPing is only for when you're feeling energetic and inventive enough to lead the whole thing yourself. Hmm, it might be a good idea to note down ideas when I have them, with as much detail as possible, for defrosting as needed. But part of the problem is that my confidence comes and goes as well as my inspiration, so I'll look at an idea I had before and think "But what kind of a boring thing is that? Won't they all look at me and go WHAT?!?" Maybe we could even have a communal RP-starter-ideas thread on the forum, people post their ideas and anyone can use them?

    I understand if that's kind of what 26th intend their Starbase to be - a place for purely social RP and conversation, "Bar Trek" as a friend calls it - but it's a pity there isn't somewhere in the game RPers can meet up for actually doing something.

    26th Fleet themselves evidently do do things, among themselves, but unless you join the fleet you wouldn't find out. I thought about joining but I still haven't found out whether the fleet has anything going on itself in European hours, or whether I'd still just be left doing nothing but listening to people talk about what they did while I was asleep.
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