Takedown missing flooring on some walkways - npc's can get stuck

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The ground portion of Takedown is missing the flooring grating on some elevated walkways. I lost one BOFF stuck in the underlayer when I encountered the first bad area. After that I was able to hold officers on one side and bring them across one by one to get the other three to the final fight with Gaul.

Then after defeating Gaul the mission didn't end. On the map I could see 4 Vaadwuar soldiers in the sloped ramp leading down from the observer area to the main battlefield. I couldn't get through the door to fight them because the "Defeat Gaul" mission objective wasn't complete. If I had to guess I'd say the flooring on that ramp was missing and they didn't make it down and out the door before it closed. Needless to say I had to abort the mission and no doubt I'll have to re-do the entire ground portion of the mission if not the entire thing. Something I'm not going to do until I'm assured the bug is fixed.


  • schlgrmstr
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    When I attempted to play through I muddled through until the end and Gaul fell under the floor and I couldn't end the mission...
  • cklib
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    I recently took another toon through that mission as well and encountered the same problem. All the flooring was missing (or way below where it should be) in between the scaffoldings. Got through with parkour skills eventually. Just shows again that they have no QA whatsoever and devs recklessly make changes without testing the effects afterward.
  • clairereed#2220
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    Also had this happen to me
  • cklib
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    Screenshot courtesy of @westtell4012 from this thread:

  • realcla
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    Can confirm it was an issue for me as well. Got through it but it was a pain.