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PWE cards in Canada?

what happend nobody sells them anymore stores are claiming PWE discontinued them anyboy know why?


  • bloodyrizbloodyriz Member Posts: 1,716 Arc User
    Wait a second, Canada is real??​​
    We come in peace, SHOOT TO KILL!
  • darpendragondarpendragon Member Posts: 63 Arc User
    I tried contacting Perfect World about it, but they kept claiming that it was still begin sold, even though everybody that I spoke to said that they were discontinued.
  • bloodyrizbloodyriz Member Posts: 1,716 Arc User
    bloodyriz wrote: »
    Wait a second, Canada is real??

    You know that country that created your Superman

    I don't have one of those. Batman is my hero.​​
    We come in peace, SHOOT TO KILL!
  • panicbutton5panicbutton5 Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Are these cards still being sold in the United States?
    I am in western Canada and the cards started disappearing from retailers about a year and a half ago. I never understood if it was because the stores pulled the cards themselves for something that sold better, or the disparity between the U.S./Canadian dollar was to blame and PWE made them disappear.
    Either way it just kind of sucks.It was very handy to head to 7-11 and grab some cards when wanted or needed. Paying through a credit card just gets painful when buying in U.S. funds and then VISA charges on top of that.Even with the occasional zen sales and the bonuses, it still doesn't feel like a fair deal.
  • empireofsteveempireofsteve Member Posts: 665 Arc User
    Best buy has Arc cards.
  • alcyoneserenealcyoneserene Member Posts: 1,889 Arc User
    I used to buy them at Best Buy until their entire leftover stack failed to activate at register. The cashier checked every single card. I checked one more time much later and they were totally gone. Then found them at local convenience store (Mac's), but that vanished too. Petro Canada might have them but only redeemable with Petro Points from their online store.
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