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Art trades?

wombat140wombat140 Member Posts: 963 Arc User
In a game I used to play called Mabinogi, people used to set up threads in the forum offering to draw other people's requests, mainly pictures of their characters, for in-game currency (either kind, the equivalents of EC or Zen) or cash shop items (Mabinogi had a lot more tradeable cash shop items than STO does). It was fun. It was very small sums, a few dollars a time for the really good artists, but it made things more interesting.

@jodarkrider @midniteshadow7

Am I right in thinking that that wouldn't be allowed on STO's forums? (Is it even possible to give Zen to other players in STO?)


  • midniteshadow7midniteshadow7 Member Posts: 781 Arc User
    It would not be allowed on the forums
  • wombat140wombat140 Member Posts: 963 Arc User
    OK never mind. Pity.
  • admiralnatadmiralnat Member Posts: 22,432 Arc User
    Never stopped me in my last game. Made like 20 gold coins per art work. dino3-24.gif

    Buuuuut..........then PW came and if they showed me anything it's that they send Trendy for their cut.

    Actually, Trendy was kinda... replaced... by a certain Ambassador. They're still around, I imagine, but still, the diplomats will be after you next time, and I doubt it'll be pretty. :tongue:​​
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    tr;dr, I am winning last post wins 3.0. Thank you for your time.
    Oh, look, an explosion...
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