Farpoint Cnidarians

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Hello dev team,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your efforts with the new featured episode. 'Echoes of Light' was a welcome return to the Star Trek themes of exploration and "seeking out new life". I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the "Jellyfish" aliens, last seen on-screen in the TNG episode 'Encounter at Farpoint'.

I do, unfortunately, have one minor nitpick. This mostly stems from my love of the Star Trek novels. Specifically the 'Star Trek: Titan' novels featuring Captain Riker in command of the USS Titan, following the film 'Star Trek: Nemesis'.
There is one such novel, within the series, called 'Orion's Hounds'. In which the crew of the Titan encounter the Farpoint Cnidarians (aka. Star-jellies) again in the year 2380. However, based on a line of dialogue in 'Echoes of Light', it is stated that the Star-jellies were last seen at Farpoint in 2364. I for one, think that this is a small injustice to the Star Trek novel continuity.

I do realize that not all of the Star Trek novels can be considered canon within the scope of STO. Specifically the Destiny trilogy written by David Mack, which conflicts with the events of STO (Wherein the Borg become an extinct race in the year 2381). However, there are elements from Star Trek novels, that have been considered canon to STO thus far. Such as Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. Who is strictly a novel-based character (created by author Peter David), but who is now also a functional NPC within STO.

I for one, do not believe the events of the novel 'Orion's Hounds' conflict with the events of STO in any way.

I do realize that dialogue was recorded by the actress, in Echoes of Light. Specifically when she says "The aliens had last been seen in 2364." Perhaps, this line of dialogue can simply be omitted?
Also, it would be a very nice nod to Star Trek literature, if an additional line of text could be added. Simply stating that the Farpoint Cnidarians had been encountered again in 2380, by the crew of the USS Titan . Hopefully something like this is doable?

Again, thank you for a great featured episode.


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    The problem is that NONE of the ST novels are considered canon with regards to STO, so no mater how much we want something to fit properly with what we read it'll never happen.
    CBS can pick and choose whatever they want to place into STO and it doesn't have to fit in with any of the novels in any way, shape or form. A lot of ideas have come from the novels but to try and blend the two together into some sort of coherent head-canon just won't work because the devs are under no obligation to make that work out properly.
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    I played EOL yesterday and loved it.

    Possibly one of the best episodes I've played.