ground scan beam color

I want to do a complete play through using my Temporal Agent alt. Their ground scan beam is purple which is pretty but since I'm visually impaired it's harder for me to see than the lighter scan beams of other factions. Is there a way to change the color of the scan beam on a character?


  • nightken
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    if I stop posting it doesn't make you right it. just means I don't have enough rum to continue interacting with you.
  • sagen#3662
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  • jordonbrooker#3879
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    I'd bring this up in the Bug Report section or at least send a ticket in. Chances are it wont get you anywhere but it doesn't take too long and may lead to something changing.
  • ketwolski#6374
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    I agree with Jordan....there might even be a way for you to modify the overall color of the game to fix this short term
  • saurializard
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    Isn't the AoY Fed scan blue like the non-AoY Fed scan?