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Domestic Battery/House of Battery (PS4) Fleets Recruiting Now

New to the STO world, Domestic Battery is now in STO and looking to begin it's reign in all the quadrants of space.

Who are we? We are a very successful Grand Theft Auto V crew that has been around for nearly 3 years, in that 3 years we have learned what it takes to have a successful "guild" that is active and friendly. In an effort to not hijack ARC's forum with another game discussion I will leave it at that, but you can learn about us at www.domesticbatterygaming.com

For STO, with the lack of fleet holdings at this time we are soon to begin having weekly events to begin with to see where the majority interest lies in activities and will expand on what we do from there while building our player base for when holding are added to the PS4 version of the game.

We do not pay people to be in our fleet/s nor are you required to pay us anything to be in the fleet/s, that said if you do not contribute don't expect promotions beyond fleet rank 2. We are still ironing out details of advancement since this game is different from the others.

Our Fed fleet is Domestic Battery and it is lead by [email protected], and the KDF fleet is lead by me, [email protected] and I am the overall leader of Domestic across all games.

Why the name Domestic Battery? This has come up a few times over the years as to why our crew is named that, fact is my wife and I game together, we get along great but love to beat the snot out of each other online, hence the name. It is not meant to make light of real world stupidity of some or to be offensive to anyone. In some games it's a very fitting name, others not so much.

That us in a nut shell, if you want to game with friendly folks who are willing to help out with your missions and you like to help others and occasionally get together for some fleet fun then give us a shot, if it doesn't work out for you then you can do something else with no hard feelings, to each their own....


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