Question about the dimensions of the Constitution class ship

I play a table top, home brew Star Trek RPG, and it will soon be my turn to be game master again. In my story, the characters will encounter a fitness test called the Jeffries Tube Challenge. It's a running and climbing event where you start at the very bottom of the ship, and you have to get to the very top of the ship by running and climbing the Jeffries tubes. So, my question to those of you who really know your Star Trek ships is this; What would be the distance in both running and climbing? Note, the contestants don't have to run the full length of each deck, just enough to get to the next Jeffries tube. I will be really impressed if anyone has exact figures, but approximations will suffice. Thanks.


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    You may find this article useful. Also the dimensions of the Constitution-class are:

    Length: 288.6 meters
    Width: 127.1 meters
    Height: 72.6 meters

    And here's a diagram if you need it:

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the reply. The article was a good read. It points out that I may be wrong about the definition of a Jeffries tube. I thought that was the name of the ladders crew used to go from one deck to another (when not using a turbo lift/elevator). Maybe I should call the race the Ladder Run instead of the Jeffries Tube Challenge.