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Not like the devs read this, but......

As I was playing around on the Tribble server, I noticed that the Romulan Reputation missions are now part of the normal episodes lists. Is that going to be that way for all the reputations now, meaning we no longer have to WORK to get those missions, and one of the rewarding parts of all these reputations are going to be a given mission no matter your reputation tier? Are the rewards for those missions going to remain the same, meaning getting Nelan Exile from the Dyson Rep Tier 5 mission will still be a one time reward for those that didn't get him yet?

Was this change even necessary? Wouldn't it be better to provide a better option for the lighting and ect for those that can only afford to play STO on potatoes instead of raising the minimum system requirements? What about the issues that people are still having with their Raedeon cards having issues with STO, but not other higher demanding games?

Sorry, it just irks me when I see that Dev time is wasted on useless changes, when there is still 1 and 1/2 factions that needs as much attention as the other faction the Devs seem to favor so much.


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