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[PODCAST] The SHOW - Trek Thursday - Surprise! Consoles! 2016-09-22

darkknightucfdarkknightucf Member Posts: 1,546 Media Corps
@Odenknight | U.S.S. Challenger | "Remember The Seven"
Fleet Defiant Kinetic Heavy Fire Support | Fleet Manticore Kinetic Strike Ship | Tactical Command Kinetic Siege Refit | Fleet Defiant Quantum Phase Escort | Fleet Valiant Kinetic Heavy Fire Support
Turning the Galaxy-X into a Torpedo Dreadnought & torpedo tutorial, with written torpedo guide.
"A good weapon and a great strategy will win you many battles." - Marshall
I knew using Kinetics would be playing the game on hard mode, but what I didn't realize was how bad the deck is stacked against Kinetics.


  • lighte007lighte007 Member Posts: 390 Arc User
    I liked everything in this video especially the Sisko Rant. XP
    The Rising of the Delta is the best expansion ever, and people love it to death because it is a good day to die in the endless struggle for supremacy of your own conviction. (A spin off of the Delta Rising is the best expansion ever and all the players love it.)
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