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Non-Rant ... What Happened To This Game?

damienoz72damienoz72 Member Posts: 39 Arc User
I was there in Beta as many of you were.
I have played ever since.
And yet I now rarely play.

The reasons?
-Devolving graphics.
-Lack of substantive story lines.
-Decreasing reward structure.
-"Trick" rewards that sound good but end being very little.
-New voice actors in place of new storylines or environments to explore.
-Lack of exploration. I love combat. But I joined STO to explore.
-Lack of end game content.
-Fleet development that is painful and constant.

I am beginning to think that STO has jumped the shark. There is no breath of fresh air. It is stale and damp.

Which I would love if I was able to explore Ferenginar. But I can't.

Living In Hope.



  • alexraptorralexraptorr Member Posts: 1,192 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    How on earth are Graphics Devolving? If anything they have been getting better. The quality and detail of starship models is at an all time high.
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  • kjfettkjfett Member Posts: 370 Arc User
    I can only assume you are confused about what game you are playing. I have played off and on from the beginning and every point you gave is actually very much the opposite now from when it started. Are you sure you've logged in to play since launch?
  • mustrumridcully0mustrumridcully0 Member Posts: 12,952 Arc User
    I thought this was a non-rant. :(

    I was going to see: F2P. PWE.
    That gave them the cash they needed to propel the game forward, to stop the content droughts, and to get into a stable release cycle. And probably a dev team that kept on the ball and pushed the game forward. A writing team that managed to continue its story and not lose sight of its big picture, and was actually willing to conclude arcs rather than meander along.

    But since you don't want to hear about any of that probably. I dunno. Maybe you just are not that into this type of game.
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  • kjfettkjfett Member Posts: 370 Arc User
    Just to clarify my points:

    -Devolving graphics.

    Graphics now are 1000x better than they used to be. We used to load onto a planet that was nearly Minecraft level of basic and the space models are considerably improved.

    -Lack of substantive story lines.

    The missions we used to run were almost exclusively patrols that were very basic. Space was load in and kill 5 sets of mobs in this area and ground was pretty much the same as well. Now, we have stories and objectives and actual problems that require more thought and brains than clicking the trigger button.

    -Decreasing reward structure.

    We used to only get loot from drops. Now we have the entire Reputation system and all the rewards it brings, not to mention the great rewards given in many missions.

    -"Trick" rewards that sound good but end being very little.

    Not even sure where you are going with this? Some rewards are more useful or less useful than others depending on the person and some are just dated and need to be updated, but that is typical of all MMOs and not unique to STO.

    -New voice actors in place of new story lines or environments to explore.

    The new voice actors are a part of the new story lines and the new stories introduce new areas to travel...the map isn't even the same as it was at launch or even a few years ago.

    -Lack of exploration. I love combat. But I joined STO to explore.

    There never was "exploration". If you are referring to the randomly generated areas on the edge of the map where you got random patrol missions...those were just like the patrol missions in the normal area and there was nothing about flying around passed random small glow balls that even began to venture into Exploration territory.

    -Lack of end game content.

    I think it's fairly safe to say that you haven't reached a point that you can run elite STFs daily and have done all the story lines on their most difficult settings so just no. You aren't ready for end game content that is in the game.

    -Fleet development that is painful and constant.

    The armada I'm in has multiple fleets maxed and recently added more to give us a place to contribute resources. It's not painful and it is constant as we need a constant flow of FC to buy new Fleet gear and ships. Interestingly, it's not required though as captains can use the reputation system to get gear and even use events to get great T6 ships for free.

    So yeah...this game is truly nothing like it was when it launched and that is all really GREAT!
  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 9,535 Arc User
    To add to @kjfett's excellent rebuttal:

    Public channels with free fleet invites means you don't need to max a fleet at all for much of the gear. But there are plenty of maxed fleets out there to join, so "painful and constant" doesn't seem accurate.
  • kodachikunokodachikuno Member Posts: 6,020 Arc User1
    can I haz ur stuffz when ju leave?
  • daviesdaviesdaviesdavies Member Posts: 277 Arc User
    My dear Dante,

    You do see that there is an inscription at the "Engage"button

    "Abandon All Hope, yo who enter here"


    lol hehehehehe
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