Star fleet 23c appear for a sec on console

Saw this happen on the Xbox for a brief sec but was acting up so I quit and restarted it and it's gone now but figure I post here to see if anyone else had it happen and if it could mean AoY hitting console soon


  • stostargatewars
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    I have seen it the first time I started STO on the PS4.
    The console branch code I guess is maybe 1 or 2 patches ahead of the tribble test server current patch data.
    Cryptic is known to many for adding thing early in the game files before announcing them for instance the updated upgrading system for Kits that are on tribble but not on the patch notes as will as the bug that new update has done to a lot of kits that toon on the server before the patch to be un-useable.
  • bellonpeneagle
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    I was surprised to see that you couldn't create a character in the Xbox One in the 23rd Century. Does anyone have any idea when this will be turned on, in the Xbox One?
  • direwolf016#2451
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    I actually don't mind so much that it's delayed, at the moment... Too many little bugs they're currently probably working on. From what I've seen, the PC version is still causing several issues, so I wouldn't at all be surprised if they're waiting to take care of that before fully moving it over to console.
  • swamarian
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    Probably some time after the Delta Quadrant stuff's available on console.
  • wendysue53
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    They'll slowly unlock different parts of STO for the consoles. If I understand it correctly, this lets the console players run some of the older storylines, which may not be available on PC any longer. Would have to look.
  • direwolf016#2451
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    As far as I can tell, the stories/missions are up-to-date; it's the rewards, Lobi, some C-Store items, and some of the extra game-mechanics (DOFFs, Reputation, ship-interiors, etc) that are currently missing