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[PODCAST] [INTERVIEWS] Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 226: Short Circuit

midniteshadow7midniteshadow7 Member Posts: 780 Arc User
Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 226: Short Circuit has warped on to Holosuite Media, you can download and stream it from:

We chat with Manu Intiraymi (Star Trek Voyager) and Gigi Edgley (Farscape and Star Trek Continues) about The Circuit Film plus later in the show we have Tommy Kraft (Star Trek Horizon) returning to talk to us about his new project Runaway (1:38:49).

We also spend time discussing this week’s news from Star Trek Online (0:38:33), Star Trek Timelines (1:23:30), Star Trek Movies (2:08:14) and more!

Our community questions this week are:
1. Are you interested in seeing The Circuit or Runaway?
2. How far have you progressed your Agents of Yesterday characters?
3. What did you think of the new Timelines event?

Please reply to this post with any feedback you have about any topic we've covered or even about the show in general, we'd love to hear what our listeners have to say. And feedback to us now and be entered in to a prize draw to get yourself a Star Trek Online Legacy of Romulus Starter Pack, Zen and Lockbox keys. Rules are here: http://holosuitemedia.com/tiefeedbackgiveaways2016/ - Just reply to this post to enter.

Please help friend of the show and fellow Star Trek Online player and podcaster Mav with donations to support his recovery with his current health situation here: http://www.gofundme.com/tomsrecovery.


#STO #StarTrek #Timelines


  • chozoelder2ndchozoelder2nd Member Posts: 440 Arc User
    1.) No. I'm just not someone who consumes a whole lot of media. I'm someone who watches like 4 movies max per year and I'm only watching one show.

    2.) Like I said in my previous post, I played through and enjoyed the initial 6 episodes. After that however, I just wasn't in the mood to replay all the old arcs again. My character is only level 10 and since I have all the time I need to get the account wide rewards, I'm not in any rush. There's just nothing in that list of rewards that makes me go "Oh wow! I need to get that ASAP!" The reputation one is the only one worth getting I guess, but it'll take too long and frankly I'm not a hardcore minmaxer. There's no real motivation for me personally. The only reason why I went through the Delta Recruit is because there was nothing for me to do at the time. For now I'm enjoying the Kelvin Timeline goodies.

    3.) I still don't plan on playing it. I'll have to pass on this again.
  • xylylxylyl Member Posts: 45 Arc User
    My community answers to your community questions:

    1. Probably Runaway, since I loved Horizons and subsequently donated to Mr. Kraft's Runaway project after the show. As far as Circuits, I shall defer my decision until later.

    2. At level 10 so far. Time is at a premium for me and using Bootcamp is inconvenient and restricts my already limited playtime. Also, the Temporal Cold War is still going on in the Prime Universe for my main characters (I am getting increasingly confused on which timeline I am existing in lately)

    3. Tried Timelines last year and played until level 2, tired of it, then quit playing. Despite my love of all thing Trek, it soon became apparent that I am not a big fan of mobile gaming.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Now where did I put that Vegemite…

    Jolan'tru & cheers… RRF Captain Cybyl
    Thus spake Admiral Cybyl:  Alea iacta est. Ibis redibis,numquam per bello peribis. Ergo, per aspera ad astra!
  • alex1geralex1ger Member Posts: 141 Arc User
    So much to say... uhm... write and so little time to get it done. Oh well, let's jump start this party, shall we?

    Community questions:

    1.) Maybe I didn't pay enough attention the last time around, but during this interview "The circuit" actually sounded like an interesting idea. When it becomes available to me, I think I will give it a watch.
    And I would like to add that your interview with Manu and Gigi was a lot of fun. Too bad they couldn't spend more time with you.

    Since I mentioned before that I would like to see a "Horizon sequel" happening (I know that that idea was shut down) or give "Project Discovery" (which unfortunately didn't get the funding) a watch... Yes, I will wait for Runaway and when it hits YouTube (will it even hit YouTube?), I will watch it.
    And I'd like to add that Tommy Kraft is also fun to listen to. I hope you can get him on the show again before Runaway gets published. I mean, I assume he will do "the tour" to get people to watch the movie when they are ready to publish it, but maybe you could get him... let's say after filming is done? I mean, he'll be busy with post-production, but maybe he can take some time to talk about how filming Runaway might have been different from filming Horizon?

    2.) Well, there's the announced server maintenance going on right now, but the last time I was logged in my temporal recruit had just started to do the Delta Rising story arc.
    But let me tell you something... there were a few times when VO (that was working just fine before) did not work on my temporal recruit play-through. And those episodes that involved putting you into "not your ship"?
    Like the doomsday mission that had you fly around in an "acquired" bird of prey? Yeah, the enemies scaled up, the bird of prey on the other hand... those stupid little defense drones, that are at best a nuisance when you play on-curve, actually hit like a truck.
    Same thing with all those scorpion fighters during "The vault" or the Jem Hadar fighters during the very first part of "Operation Gamma".
    Or the end of "A step between stars" with the Dyson Science Destroyer going up against level 50+ undine ships...

    Using bonus XP weeks to level up is really not fun when you play through those missions. Yes, I could have skipped them, but my goal was (well, still is) to play through all the episodes again.

    But you probably want some kind of verdict... uhm... you know what? I'll take something that happens during the TOS tutorial. "The taurean affair". When you go to the armory to get your first phaser pistol. Look around. Doesn't it look sooo TOS? Doesn't it sound sooo TOS? Yes, it does, such attention to detail is commendable. And look at the signs they put on the walls. "Safty first!"
    Yes. A sign containing two words and one of them is misspelled. During the very first minutes of the TOS tutorial.

    You can say that this is such a minor typo, you can say that I'm being terribly nit-picky there. But look at it like this... If you apply for a job and you send in your resume, but you spelled it "resme", guess what happens.
    If a typo slips through during a "wall of text"... unfortunate, but I can look the other way. As long as it doesn't happen all the time.
    A typo like this? It's literally two words you had to check. It's during the tutorial, this is your application as an "entertainment provider" to the possible new player! And it's not even complicated treknobabble for crying out loud!
    So much talking about "immersion" and "attention to detail" and the people at Cryptic cannot even get through the TOS tutorial without kicking themselves in the teeth.

    3.) Still not playing timelines.

    Okay, this is mostly directed @sunseahl

    First part:
    If you make a fan film without putting any money and/or effort into it, you don't need to compare it to "Continues" or "Renegades" or "Horizon" to call it a cheap-looking movie. That does not mean it is bad, it just doesn't look great. If you do it for the love of Trek, you should be able to live with that kind of criticism.
    If it is phrased in a somewhat polite way. The YouTube comments section can be rather... unpleasant, but then again, the internet as a whole can be rather unpleasant.

    If those productions scare you off, okay, that's too bad. But why do you feel the need to "compete" with them in the first place? Do your own thing "for the love of trek" and be proud of it, no matter what. That "should" be the spirit if you wanted to make a fan film.

    At the same time a lot of money does not automatically mean your "fan film" is gonna be great. Renegades "promised" to be at least "semi-professional". They wanted to make a pilot for a potential web series. I think they did not live up to the expectations they set themselves. I do not think it was worse (or better) than "Of gods and men" for whatever that is worth...
    And has anyone seen Axanar yet? No? Do you see what I mean?

    And the second part:
    It is certainly worth discussing whether or not people know how to fly a carrier, although there are so many different carriers and they could be used in different ways, but the reason for that discussion eludes me.
    I mean, Cryptic fixed the intel dreadnought cruiser. The USS Evilprise. Uhm... I mean the bottle-opener. Uhm... I mean the Vengeance. What does that have to do with a "true" carrier?
    And even the romulan intel carrier is so maneuverable and got a 4/2 weapon layout that I'm not sure where that discussion was coming from.

    You know, I would argue that discussing "silly" turnrates would have been more logical in the context of this fix.
    I mean, have you seen the Vengeance? That thing is about the size of a Jupiter carrier. Now compare their turnrates... And just for some giggles, throw in the Scimitar and the Galaxy.
    Immersion? Anyone?
  • sunseahlsunseahl Member Posts: 826 Arc User
    edited July 2016
    It's not about that film competing... It's the fact that because of what fans are used to... their main criticism to anything NOT of Continues/New Voyages quality most often will be "it's not as good as [blank]" which is stupid and unfair. Taking criticism is one thing, sure. But you're acting as if everything here is old-hat.... Some new kiddo who loves Trek makes a Trek-thing on his Go Pro....

    How much Vitriol already exists in the Trek community? Now to have actual amateurs who aren't making studio-quality things? How much more hate can a fandom stand?

    Wait... was it the intel cruiser? I thought it was the Intel Carrier we were talking about..... *looking it up*
    OH FFS Cryptic.... Make actual frakin' NAMES for your TRIBBLE in patch notes.​​
    Member of the "Disenchanted"
    We don't want what the Feds have. We want the equivalent. We want fairer treatment. Concern, desire, greed to some extent, and passionate belief that the enough people would buy KDF items to make it worth Cryptic's while.
  • alex1geralex1ger Member Posts: 141 Arc User
    Sorry, @sunseahl , but I disagree.

    I mean, look at Horizon. How many of your "little guys" can produce a fan film like that? Does that make Tommy Kraft the next "bad guy" you're going after?
    If people are willing (and able) to produce stuff like Continues, I say let them. Now, I do see and agree that some of the "little guys" might be intimidated "going up" against those productions. Like I said, I think they shouldn't be. I think every fan film should be judged on its own merits.

    And then I remember "klingon gate" (since the L-word is apparently too offensive to use) which should not have happened on a Star Trek-related forum. So, there are terrible people claiming to be "trekkies". Guess what, those people will still yell at your "little guy" because his production value is "garbage". Even if the high-profile productions didn't exist. Terrible people will find ways to be terrible people.

    But back to topic... I don't think you should shut down the high-profile productions. I have a different suggestion. Do something like the Star Wars fan film awards. Write up some rules that exclude professional actors/directors/writers from participating. Make sure it's only the "little guys" competing with each other. Maybe throw in some limitations on the equipment they can use.

    And the patch notes were actually very clear and MidNite did say "Intel Dreadnought Cruiser".
    Be that as it may, the Intel carrier is still rather maneuverable and its 4/2 weapon layout makes me wonder if you should hang back and play backup for your hangar pets or take a more offensive approach.
    So... the discussion had its merits, maybe going a little more in-depth (comparing the different carriers and how to fly them) would have been nice.
    I just didn't know where it was coming from. I kinda figured you had mixed up the Intel carrier and the Evilprise.
  • sunseahlsunseahl Member Posts: 826 Arc User
    edited July 2016
    You've missed the point entirely.... EVERYONE keeps bringing up Kraft as an excuse to dismiss me and YOU ARE ALL WRONG! Tommy Kraft is an exception to everything BECAUSE he has both video editing and digital production experience, self taught. That drive to do so is what sets him apart from what I'm saying when I say "amature" fan films.... Kraft is by no means amature at what he did and when he uses the pedestal you guys have given him, one he doesn't deserve, to speak his own mind of COuRSE he's gonna speak high and mighty horse-TRIBBLE.

    Kraft is no Amature
    His position that "You have to want to be into filmmaking" is horse-TRIBBLE.

    There are thousands of fans who have their own unique talents...

    Some can't write stories so they write scripts
    Some can't write at all so they try to make movies.(Amature film-makers)
    Some want to make movies so they make them better than others(Tommy Kraft)
    Some fans Act(Vic)

    To lump Tommy Kraft in with people at the start of the process is both a disservice to him and an impediment to people who do want to make a Trek film​ to tell their​ story.​​
    Member of the "Disenchanted"
    We don't want what the Feds have. We want the equivalent. We want fairer treatment. Concern, desire, greed to some extent, and passionate belief that the enough people would buy KDF items to make it worth Cryptic's while.
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