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server stability?

dose anyone get disconected frequently,like 4 times in 30 min?


  • catsmeatcatsmeat Member Posts: 106 Arc User
    Yes, 'server not responding' followed by a DC and just sudden DCs. This happens to me now with great frequency.
  • baldrick8baldrick8 Member Posts: 100 Arc User
    Yesterday it was bad, today is fine so far.
  • ikonn#1068 ikonn Member Posts: 1,425 Arc User
    I see SNRs and get crashes to desktop several times in the late night/early morning hours. Mine usually happen between 12am snd 4am Central Time.
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  • tempus64tempus64 Member Posts: 806 Arc User
    I rarely have any SNRs and disconnects. But since sometime after the patch, I've been getting some every day. It's been VERY bad today so far.
  • farmallmfarmallm Member Posts: 4,630 Arc User
    I was on for my usual turn ins and get some Dil. No issues here.

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  • predconpredcon Member Posts: 477 Arc User
    edited July 2016
    Been terrible for me today. So much for "Lifetime sub gives you priority login!"

    I'm also getting a lot of freezing during transition loads.
  • peterconnorfirstpeterconnorfirst Member Posts: 6,223 Arc User
    For the past few weeks there hasn’t been a single map load which was not interrupted by SNRs.

    For me this is only a small issue as the SNR usually resolves after 10-30 secs. Still annoying but compared to some other problems I endured in STO the past 4 years not that much of a thing.
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  • monkeybone13monkeybone13 Member Posts: 4,640 Arc User
    edited July 2016
    Yes. Random disconnects lately. At least twice today I was on DS9 and went AFK for only a couple minutes and came back to find I was disconnected.

    I've also been disconnected when going to switch characters. The disconnect when I go to swap toons is immediate, and the log in screen says something about a timeout. It's really getting quite annoying. I've also been disconnected multiple times on my 23c character right in the middle of an episode I'm working on.

    Also, for some time now, even before the expansion launched, I get sever not responding on the loading screen many times a day when I'm just changing maps. It usually lasts for about 45 seconds and most of the time I don't disconnect. It has even happened when I go to enter my shuttle interior. The "Server not responding" red text on the loading screen is shaky, quickly moving left and right.
  • perisonperison Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    me too I cant play PvE mission and Chat.
  • trejgontrejgon Member Posts: 323 Arc User
    welp not exacly same issue but best thread to tell about it;

    I have no real idea whats going on but dear cryptic you must take a look on your servers now because today THEY ARE DYING

    and I'm speaking it from perspective of 3 extremely lagegd throught PvE runs with two of them beign elite run COMPLETELY RUINED by OUTRAGEUS levle of lagging

    for example in my case I have lost any control over helm of my ship, similar lags have striked healboat defending ent-j [battle of procy 5 was the que] resulting in mission failure BY LAGS

    the last time something even remotely similar was occuring was last time when that angry kid was DDOSing NWO is it a case again - dunno but it blocks quite a few ppl from doing anything that is not mindless unfailable missions that can be practically afked

    [/ vent off]

  • scarlingscarling Member Posts: 708 Arc User
    Yep, DC's and SNR's for awhile now.
  • goodscotchgoodscotch Member Posts: 1,680 Arc User
    When moving to screens that require the server to load a new area, I often get 'Server Not Responding' with a two to three minute delay, but I rarely disconnect. These server loading delays happen more often than not. Most times I use the time to get up and take a stretch or get a drink.

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