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New Visual Slots



  • cyphexthekingcyphextheking Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    Just can repeat myself from an other thread here:

    I also wish a "weapon-energy-color-slot" in the visuals.
    For example:
    My Fleet Avenger flys antiproton, so its dark red lighting, but i using borg stuff in visuals.
    Now, the nakuhl weapons have a nice dark-green color, and i would love to use a nakuhl weapon to put in a visual-slot that overwrites the red AP color.

    On My Tholian Tarantula, i allready fly with disruptors, but it contains a coalition one, and the terran taskforce beam. all together looks bit like "rainbow". In the visuals i also added the borg-stuff, because i really like its effects and colors.
    Here the same; i would love to add a nakuhl beam to overwrite the weapon colors..

    I remember in past, there was a chatcommand, "/powerhue" or so. But this was removed, sadly :(

    I really wish, that there will be added a weapon-style slot too :)
  • jcswwjcsww Member Posts: 6,646 Arc User
    I would like to see a weapon energy color slot also. I still think the better way to make these slots more player friendly would be to have craftable effect consoles to use instead of having to grind for an extra item purely for the effect, especially when it comes to multiple ships.
  • jtfrost1jtfrost1 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    edited July 2017
    I'd like a visual slot for consoles such as the assimilated module so I don't have to split up a set
  • avoozuulavoozuul Member Posts: 3,055 Arc User
    I wish I could change my nacelle colours without needing shield visuals.
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