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New Way of getting previous Event Ships, and Carrier Suggestions

Last year we lost the ability to get previous event ships which was the only way to have the highest tier starship without spending real money, but what if those ships (or unlocks) and maybe even a few delta recruitment rewards (like the photonic bridge officer) could be bought with Gold-Pressed Latinum? It would be difficult to get while still give a small free to pay option as well as letting new accounts access some of these older rewards.

As far as the carriers go give the Klingons and Romulans some love and give them new [T6] carriers in the c-store, and I'm not talking about Heavy Escort Carriers or Dreadnoughts, give them true science (or engineering) carriers. With 2 Hanger Bays. Then allow us to customize our hanger pets with the visuals like you do our starships as well as letting us choose what weapon types we want.


  • postinggumpostinggum Member Posts: 1,117 Arc User
    Cryptic don't seem in the least bit interested in what players say about the game economy and close to indifferent about what we say about ships, post delta rising its all driven by metrics with the goal of getting more players into the game spending, whilst throwing events and gear at existing players.
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