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Major issue with rep armors

predconpredcon Member Posts: 477 Arc User
Why don't they have EV functionality? I mean, except the Nukara armors. But why none of the others? They look plenty self-contained to me.


  • sierra078sierra078 Member Posts: 286 Arc User
    I would most definitely support this if every reputation armor were enclosed. Delta and Iconian are open-faced. Romulan Rep has no ground armor+set. But you are right, the enclosed ones should have EV capability. (Maco, Adapted Maco, Omega, Nukara, Dyson and Undine
  • yakodymyakodym Member Posts: 356 Arc User
    How is that a major issue if EV functionality only matters on Nukara, Mining asteroids, and two or three missions?
  • predconpredcon Member Posts: 477 Arc User
    Because it's a glaring continuity issue.
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