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Best guess for next key sale?

nikeixnikeix Member Posts: 3,972 Arc User
If the rumors are true on the contents next lock box I'll probably be opening a couple hundred of them. Is there a pattern to the frequency of key sales?

(yes, I know it's typically cheaper to buy the ships out of the exchange later with EC from selling the keys, but I have plans for the lobi also...)

Also, does zeni ever go on sale when purchased with real money? Double bonus week or something?


  • ruffiansevenruffianseven Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    They had a key sale not that long ago. I think it was the beginning of April with 15% off keys followed a bit later by a Zen sale. The Zen sale gave you bonus Zen when you paid real money. I believe it was in late April that there was a 15% bonus on Zen.

    Sorry but I am bit fuzzy on the dates. Maybe someone knows about the frequency and timing.
  • rangerryurangerryu Member Posts: 284 Arc User
    They tend to have a master key sale around the time a new lockbox comes out.Although they did just have a services sale so maybe it'll be soon I don't know!
  • nikeixnikeix Member Posts: 3,972 Arc User
    Late April? I was traveling then, so probably missed it. Still, good to know Zeni sales do exist :). I'll keep an eye out for both as July approaches.
  • thay8472thay8472 Member Posts: 5,967 Arc User
    edited May 2016
    The JJ Lockbox?
  • nikeixnikeix Member Posts: 3,972 Arc User
    thay8472 wrote: »
    The JJ Lockbox?

    Hope springs eternal.
  • baldrick8baldrick8 Member Posts: 100 Arc User
    I'd be interested in the frequency of those sales too. I missed both.
  • tacticalrooktacticalrook Member Posts: 810 Arc User
    edited May 2016
    Keys sales occur during the lock box replay period, just prior to the release of each lock box. Keys have also been included in the "Black Friday"/Cyber Monday" sales the past couple of years, where the price of everything in the C-store is discounted.

    Going by historical lock box releases..
    Cardassian     Feb     2012
    Ferengi        Apr
    Tholian        Jul
    Temporal       Oct
    Dominion       Jan     2013
    Tal Shiar      May
    Elachi         Aug
    Voth           Nov
    Hirogen        Jan     2014
    Undine         Apr
    Xindi 1        Jul
    Delta          Oct
    Vaadwaur       Jan     2015
    Xindi 2        Apr
    Krenim         Jul
    Herald         Oct
    Mirror         Jan     2016
    Na'kuhl        Apr

    The Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct cycle has been repeating since it was introduced in 2014. If there is no departure from this cycle, the next key sale is expected during the first (possibly the second) week of July.
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  • nikeixnikeix Member Posts: 3,972 Arc User
    Nice. TY for the info :).

    Now I just need a zeni sale in the next 7 weeks...
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