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Drain Infection and Control Amplification seems do not work on certain things

deathray38deathray38 Member Posts: 210 Arc User
Drain infection seems don't work on:
- Plasmonic Leech
- Tetryon Glider
- Overwhelming Force Trait (BO part)
- Destabilized Emitters (Intelligence officer)
- Tachyon Charges (command officer)
- Weapons with drain effects (polarons, tetryons, quantum phase, neutronic etc.)

Control Amplification seems don't work on:
- Overwhelming Force Trait (T:HY part)
- Viral Torpedo (Trait)
- Tricobalt weaponry

I hope it is not intentional, because skills description suggest ALL kinds of drain/control

BTW. Skill description should be more precise on what this skill do.


  • tinkerbelchtinkerbelch Member Posts: 138 Arc User
    add subsystem targeting
  • borticuscrypticborticuscryptic Member Posts: 2,478 Cryptic Developer
    We did recently change the Skill description, from:

    "Whenever you cause an enemy to suffer a Control (or Drain) effect..."


    "Activating an ability that causes an enemy to suffer ..."

    Hopefully that clarifies a little bit about which effects should trigger these Skills.
    Jeremy Randall
    Cryptic - Lead Systems Designer
    "Play smart!"
  • eclipsoreclipsor Member Posts: 93 Arc User
    edited April 2016
    Ionic turbulence was also included for control amplification, but the effect is not reflected in its tooltip.

    EDIT: I have confirmed with a fleetmate, that the effect is technically present on the ability (his damage resistance went down significantly lower than without control amplification).
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