Incorrect Commendation Rank

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I've had over 100k Military commendation experience for a couple days now (105,199 right now to be exact) and am still sitting at Rank 3. I'm unable to replicate the Very Rare Assault Squad Officer that's supposed to be unlocked at Rank 4. I have a screenshot but haven't uploaded it anywhere to provide a link yet. It's a Klingon character in case that helps. I'm thinking it's probably a side effect of the efforts to fix the Doff rarity bug in the latest patch.


  • mattaukett
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    As memory serves this is an old bug that creeps up occasionally (not sure if it's been reactivated by the latest patch). There is a fix for it which if you go to the Klingon Academy and speak to Lt S'stas there should be an option there to refresh commendation levels (or something to that effect - not near an academy duty officer to check the naming at present). This was added in back in the day when this problem was creeping up on a semi frequent basis and so should fix the problem.

    If it doesn't fix the problem, might be a new bug.
  • johnnyray14#4257
    johnnyray14#4257 Member Posts: 188 Arc User
    Oh cool, so the NPC's have taken to fixing bugs themselves now! It's about time ;).

    Thanks for the tip. Turned out I just hadn't accepted the reward for the promotion to rank 4. So, just user error!