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playing in badlands. The HP of some of the terran enemies are messed up. Update: still messed up

tinkerbelchtinkerbelch Member Posts: 138 Arc User
edited March 2016 in Tribble - Bug Reports
Terran Frigate= 268k hull (might want to fix)
nebulla sci= 106k
terran sci = 93k
terran cruiser 134k
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  • dragnridrdragnridr Member Posts: 671 Arc User
    Or maybe fix it so that when they are at 0 health that they actually blow up instead of still being alive. Annoying to keep shooting a frigate for almost 5 minutes after it reaches 0 health before it finally blows.
  • borticuscrypticborticuscryptic Member Posts: 2,478 Cryptic Developer
    edited February 2016
    This seems like it could be related to the issues others have seen with high-hull Frigates in the KDF Tutorial.

    Thanks for reporting it. We're still in the process of tracking it down.
    Jeremy Randall
    Cryptic - Lead Systems Designer
    "Play smart!"
  • orionsruleorionsrule Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    Seeing the same numbers in the Kahless Expanse for fed ships there:

    Sci 92,920
    Promethis escort 99,373
    Galaxy 134,218
    Frigate 268,436

    Did not notice any problem with them blowing up when they finally hit 0 hull, tho.
  • samt1996samt1996 Member Posts: 2,856 Arc User
    The multi-vector escort sections stay alive at zero health for several seconds before finally exploding. That is what he was probably trying to say. I believe the galaxy saucers do the same thing.
  • tinkerbelchtinkerbelch Member Posts: 138 Arc User
    Update: I can tell the frigates hp was changed. But now it is the exact same as terran cruisers. Might want another fix.
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