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Gahnospinel Productions: The Jefferson Secession

The first of (hopefully) many Gahnospinel works, The Jefferson Secession is a story-driven foundry mission with large, sweeping battles.

"I really enjoyed this. Excellent all around! Well up to Cryptic Standard, if not better." -wombat140


[OOC]As our hard day of work is done,
I'll tell you, if I may,
Of the guns that fired on Jefferson
On Reminiscence Day.

The Giant her opponents threw,
The Captain banned all doubt.
Kross Klingons slew in Haapsalu
And Romulans without. [/OOC]

[MissionInfo] This mission begins in the Lackey System. It is on the long side, so expect an hour or two to explore completely. The mission's start prompt is "I'll be over shortly." [/MissionInfo]

You have been called on to attend the matters of the Jefferson Colony. Recently, there has been a movement to secede from the Federation, which is causing concern amongst Starfleet brass.

Because this planet is on the border of the Federation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to control the colony and quell this "Secessionist" movement. What's more, news has reached the Klingon and Romulan empires, and they are more than eager to capitalize on the situation. Starfleet power will need to be reinstated, and you're the one to do so.

Gahnospinel Productions hopes you enjoy playing it as much as we do.
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    plaustrum9144plaustrum9144 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Currently, The Jefferson Secession should be under the "Review Content" tab, though it is not on display.
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    khregkhreg Member Posts: 379 Arc User
    Added to my list. Premise sounds verrrry intriguing.
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    khregkhreg Member Posts: 379 Arc User
    Unable to find this one.
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