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Suggestions Thread for Skill Revamp

Since Borticus wanted feedback confined to the other thread, and suggestions to be made elsewhere (not that anyone actually listened), I figured I'd make a thread for it.

With that in mind, one of the common concerns that have come up have been the choice/non-choice for the passives that boost crit chance/damage of energy and torpedo weapons, with the point/counterpoint of 'if it's a choice between energy or torpedo for each crit chance and crit severity, that forces players to consider options they hadn't before' (the counterpoint being the much more likely '90% of players just ignore the option that forces them to take kinetic, and the 10% who actually use torpedoes are annoyed they can't boost torps with both choices)

One of the suggestions was to amalgamate the choice so you had:

Boost weapon crit chance OR weapon crit severity.

The problem with this suggestion isn't 'that it's good', because it is, but because they don't have anything to fill the other node in, and no player has made any suggestions for it.

So I thought I'd make some.

The first is pretty straightforward: We already have a trait that boosts exotic damage crit chance/severity, but not everyone has that trait. You could put a passive with a +1 chance/+5 severity choice for exotic damage in here. Lots of people use exotic damage, even if it's just the occasional tractor beam, or a capstone power, or various consoles, so it would be beneficial to a lot of people.

The second would require a big-ish change to a core mechanic of the game- it's still a crit chance/severity choice, but I was thinking- you know, energy drain, shield drain, and healing are all modeled as damage. Why can't they crit?

If energy drain, shield drain, and healing could crit, then you could make that an option. Have people choose between, say, 'weapon crit and healing crit, drain crit and exotic damage crit'- that'd give you your node choices, and incentivise players to explore options they hadn't previously considered.

The only problem is that those powers don't crit, so it would probably require a lot more work that isn't feasible. But I still thought it was worthwhile to make the suggestion.


  • tinkerbelchtinkerbelch Member Posts: 138 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    After reaching lvl 60, unlock ability to use specialization points to buy a reskill token.
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  • samt1996samt1996 Member Posts: 2,856 Arc User
    I like that ^^
  • poseidolonposeidolon Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    I would still like around 5 (obviously, a negotiable number) of the space skill points to become Universal points that could be used on ground skills. It takes nothing away from the majority of players who prefer to spec for space combat, and helps out the people who prefer to spec for ground combat. Or, lower both by three and add a universal pool of 6. Something along these lines. I feel it's a reasonable request.
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